Apong Guan – Best in Malaysia and Singkapoh too

I had been patronising this stall for like 20 years. When I was in labour with my second son who is now 14 years old, Apong Guan’s apom was sold for only RM1 for seven pieces. It was the only thing I got to eat during that long labour. So, how can I not feature this favourite stall of mine?

Seen in the above photo is the ever friendly, ever talkative Ah Guan who is showing my #3 son a photo of him in a Singapore magazine. He had been featured in Flavours too. Ah Guan told me that just today, another magazine came to photographed him and he had appeared in U Channel in Singapore before. I told him this time, he is going on the internet.

There are actually two stalls selling the same pancake with banana and corn, placed side by side on the busy Burmah Road. However, Ah Guan is THE ONE because his pancake is more moist, lemak (taste of coconut milk) and Ah Guan is the friendliest and cheerful guy, ever.

I have no idea what goes into the pancake batter except that it probably has eggs, flour, coconut milk, sugar and some rising agent.

All the pancakes are freshly made and sometimes, several cars will be waiting for their pancakes, causing minor traffic jam on busy Burmah Road.


Apong Guan is just a few metres BEFORE  the Him Heang Biscuit shop, but on the left side. Burmah Road is a one way street. Apong Guan is at the traffic light near the Chinese Union Primary school and his stall is the second one. The other uncle’s apong is good too, much better than most places but there is only one Apong Guan.

A close up of the apong with two slices of the sweetest pisang raja (banana) and a few cream corn. My #2 son can eat 10 pieces in one sitting. 🙂

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  1. this guy makes the best apong pisang – apong is supposed to be the chinese version of apom rite.. 🙂

    what’s more he’s been practising CRM (customer relation management) even b4 those marketing guys even coined up the term. he’s got a list of his regulars car no., their likes & how many they usually buy written on a piece of cardboard stuck on the store above his head. if not so regular pun dia ingat, berapa I usually buy! PR also no. 1! The taste mmg tak boleh challange lah… so there we have a good package… great product, great marketing!

  2. This is one of my fav stall too. Service No 1 and so do the apom. I always ta pau 30 – 40 pcs when I go back to my parents house in Kulim. Very good. His smile always make ppl feel so good when you are at that stall

  3. DailyReader – Ya, chao tar baru phang phang mah. Hahaha.

    babe – Yeah, they have to find the right balance or else it taste either bland or sticky.

    prometeuz – I cannot afford 25 pieces for each. Bankrupt lor. Apong Guan ahpek always break into 5 pieces per packet, baru the kids cannot fight over it.

    Erina – Ya, he always say thank you and come again. Very rare to find cheerful people like him. At one time, I stopped my car further and bought the other uncle one. Ah Guan secretly waved at me with a naughty expression to go to him. Hahaha. From then, I don’t buy on conveniences but will wait for his newly cooked, fresh and hot batch.

    vkeong – Yes, on the opposite side of Him Heang. Right on the traffic light at Union Primary School. Across the road, at night, the curry mee in Tavoy Road very nice. Eeek, I wrote wrongly, it is before Him Heang.

    Athene – SO, that what’s the numbers are all about? HAHAHAH, all the while, I was wondering if those are black-listed car number plates, the kind like those people who never pay parking and cabut. I saw that too but did not ask him what the numbers are for. Tks for telling me this little trade secret.

  4. i just wan it wit banana only …. can i fed-ex or poslaju some to me, 10 piece also…

    hey remember me telling u once there is osme apam in Petaling St, its like this, without the banana and corn but with santan and some santan milk … very nice smell wan …

  5. ohmigod Lilian, I lived in Penang for years and I wasn’t even a stranger to Burmah Road,, how could I missed Apong Guan? I have to check it out when I get home. You’re a treasure as usual.

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