Water caltrop, mini yam and sambal mooncake for a Malaysian mid-autumn festival(part two)

I posted about my dislike for baked mooncakes the other day in Food Haven. The lovely couple at Cooking Island, Erina and Lawrence knew I do not like to eat mooncake with funny fillings. However, they came up with something that is totally unique. They made ping-pei (snow skin) mooncake with lotus paste and filled with sambal hair-bee (dried shrimps sambal)!

I know some of you may go, “Eeee…really?” Initially I also wondered how it tastes like because it is totally different from what is available on the market. But Erina has made it so nice because the lotus paste has just a tinge of sweetness and therefore, the flavour of the lotus paste does not clash with the punch of the spicy sambal dried shirmps. It is a better combination than salted duck eggs but of course, it doesn’t keep long and must be eaten fast.

Seen here are two types of ping-pei mooncake. I love ping-pei mooncake because of the soft skin and it is not as flavourful as the baked skin. It has to be kept in the fridge and eaten fresh as they do not store well.

My eldest son and I finished one of this mooncake right after I finished taking photos. It really is a Malaysian mid-autumn mooncake festival, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, this is the western kind of fillings with chocolates, nuts and it tastes like rum balls, minus the rum. It is nice to nibble on the crunchy nuts and chocolate and accompanied by the soft ping-pei skin. Sort of like the Chinese ‘ngo-jin’ mooncake, only much healthier.

If you are interested to grab some for Mooncake festival which is next Friday, October 6th please call Erina of Cooking Island direct.

Address : 11, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470

Phone : 04-898 1390

Contact : Erina/Lawrence

I am sure your guests will be surprised with this uniquely Malaysian mooncake.

2 Replies to “Water caltrop, mini yam and sambal mooncake for a Malaysian mid-autumn festival(part two)”

  1. I normally don’t like those oversweet oversized n heavy mooncakes. but I guess I need to try yours lah. I am sure it wont be too sweet ! such a pity u r in Pg. R one of those great eaters from KL coming over to collect ah?

  2. okay dah try make your dates pudding, it was a very big HIT! even those who doesn’t usually like sweet things went crazy with it. my mom and uncle was cutting slices after slices & slathering it with the butterscotch sauce. their excuse? got a lot of dates, very good for health maa…

    my other half has asked me to make another one just for him today… and keep it a secret so that tadak org kacau dia makan 😆

    thanks for the great recipe…

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