Green is good – Pandan kaya layer cake and ketayap

Two heavenly dessert, available locally. I got these photos and they look so green and good so I decide to post them up. I have made ketayap before but it doesn’t taste as good as the one I bought so I never bother to do again. As for the pandan layer cake, I have no idea how to do it.

This is ketayap, a Malay kueh which is sort of like a crepe. The skin is made of flour, coconut milk and pandan juice which makes it green. One has to fry the skin individually and then, later, fill it with desicated coconut cooked with palm sugar.

The sweet, brown sugar coconut combines with the fragrant soft skin is truly Malaysian speciality. The best ketayap is from this one stall of this travelling pasar malam.

The above picture is the pandan kaya layer cake. Another to-die-for dessert. It is pandan chiffon cake layered with pandan jelly and kaya. Only certain cake shops produce good ones. Usually the really good ones will cost you between RM8-RM10. If you see a cheaper one, then, it probably ain’t that great.

It is amazing, isn’t it? Just using pandan, flour, coconut, eggs and sugar, we get these delicacies that is almost similar and yet, taste different but good.

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  1. Anything cook with pandan is so.. good. I love the smell of pandan. Adds colour to our food. The pandan cake looks tempting! Where can I get it?

  2. It’s not really hard to prepare the pandan layer cake. Once you know how to do this, you can also make yam layer cake. The next time, we meet you just remind me of this recipe and you can give it a try at home.

  3. Ketayap or dadar is one of my favourites. Layered cake my mum and sister boleh buat sebab I malas, hehe. I lagi suka spice and prune layered cake. Sedap!

  4. Tak susah, think of the pandan layer cake as pandan cake layer with pandan custard


    yam layer cake as butter cake/ plain chiffon layer with yam flavoured custard.

  5. You know where to get good recipes for local kuih? From my old home science book! (From back in the 80s!). They have a recipe for kuih ketayap and my favourite, abok-abok and many others. Killer scones recipe too!

    Lilian, just to let you know that I love your recipes. These are all the stuff that my mom always cooks (seldom now). The Ju hu char and duck with kiam chai soup is a must during CNY. Like many others, I always prefer mom’s cooking, her acar (penang style of course!) and kaya is best in the world. And her sambal hair-bee is the ONLY one i’ll take. I generally hate hair-bee (I find it smelly) and NEVER touch the stuff except for her sambal and when she puts it in her masak lemak.

  6. Kak lilian ni kan banyak jahat lah. I know I could get those at pasar ramadhan now that we are back home, but it doesn’t mean that I would be able to get those that looks as luscious…. hish…

  7. maR – Hahaha, make some lah, tak susah kan? But I always can’t get the skin to be soft and pliable. Itu yang leceh.

    in – Yes, those days home science books got them. But during my time, home science no longer exists and they appeared again later on, I think. I learnt it from my sister.

    penanglady – The ketayap from this travelling stall with the pasar malam. Right now the pasar malam is at Jalan LaSalle, where Shangwu is. But they don’t come every night. The cake is from Sunflower Layer Cake. I think Maxim also make a decent one. But not that old eden.

    fire80 – Takut the cake soaked the liquid of the jelly, end up mushy. Think I will buy easier lah, that way I won’t eat too much.

    Prometuez – Ya, pandan is the best.

    skyjuice – Prune and spice sounds like very good!

    sooi2 – Ya, Erina knows a lot of recipe. If you come to Penang, make sure you visit her shop. So many new things to discover.

    Erina – Ok, will remember that.

    Molly – I bought it from Sunflower, at Komtar. They have a small shoplot on the ground floor of Komtar main entrance.

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