Recipe : Sticky Date pudding with butterscotch sauce

As promised, here is the English version of my earlier post which I wrote in Bahasa Malaysia. I found this recipe for Sticky Date pudding from The Red Kitchen. (thanks to Red Kitchen for the recipe) I did a little adjustment to the sugar quantity because I presume the Arabian dates we have here are extremely sweet compared to the Californian dates. Moreover, I ran out of self-raising flour and therefore, substitute with bread flour which gives the pudding a denser texture.

It is not oily ‘cos only 50 grams butter is used.

For the pudding:

20 dates, pitted and blended with

1 cup hot water to make into a paste

1.5 tsp bicarb soda (mix to flour)
50g butter

100g soft brown sugar (looks like castor sugar but only brown in colour)

2 eggs

200g flour (I think if we use flour, the texture will not look like cake?)
Method :

Cream sugar and butter till fluffy. Add in flour, dates paste and eggs alternately and mix well. The batter should be runny and not hard and firm. Add a little more water if it is too hard. Bake baine marie style. I.e. put the batter into one baking tin and put that thin over another bigger cake tin filled with water. This way, the bottom will not burn and harden. Bake for 45 minutes in 180 deg celcius oven.

The bottle in the middle is Butta Vanilla which is a flavourings in paste form. It smells like butter and vanilla and gives butter cakes the heavenly smell. It is like the toffee from Germany ‘Weathers Original’ or something like that. This is a pic of my peach butter cake (another post next time!) I bought the Butta Vanilla from Cooking Island, so not sure whether you can find it elsewhere.

Butterscotch sauce

100g soft brown sugar

200 ml whipping cream

1 tsp butta vanilla ( or use vanilla essence)
1 tbsp butter

Cook the sauce over low fire until it bubbles. Turn off heat.

Serve the pudding with sauce. Sticky date pudding is usually served warm with a dollop of vanilla icecream.

This is one recipe that got my hubby asking for second servings and my children walloped the whole pudding within a night! Two of MalaysiaBest readers have tried it and they reported satisfactory results. So, give it a try while dates are in abundance in the market now.

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  1. okay dah try make your dates pudding, it was a very big HIT! even those who doesn’t usually like sweet things went crazy with it. my mom and uncle was cutting slices after slices & slathering it with the butterscotch sauce. their excuse? got a lot of dates, very good for health maa…

    my other half has asked me to make another one just for him today… and keep it a secret so that tadak org kacau dia makan

    btw, the pudding/cake was very easy to make & even though I only lightly oiled the baking pan, it just slide out of the pan without sticking at all. I blended the date & the cake came out very pale in color, wish I had added some chunks of dates for more bite & texture.

    thanks for the great recipe…

  2. Hi Lilian,
    Thank you for the recipe. Am going to try it out soon. Have a question.. not sure if appropriate to ask here,… I just bought a kenwood blender. Have tried blending juice with dates in it. Somehow the dates all end up under the blade. Not possible to blend till fine. So Im wondering how you can blend the dates till paste form?

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