Mayonnaise – The difference in taste between Japanese, Western and local

I do not usually like mayonnaise because mayo is very fattening. But who can live without a jar of mayo in the fridge to spruce up sandwiches, flavour salads, act as a dip and so many other uses. I notice that the taste between a local mayo compared to the Western and Japanese ones is so vast. Local ones taste sweeter and do not have the pungent vinegar smell. Whereas, Western brands like Kraft and the others are way too sour with a very strong acidic and metallic taste.

I found my favourite mayo in a tube. It is made in Japan and comes with two different openings, a flute one which gives this ‘star’ shape and a thinner opening. Therefore, spreading the mayo is breezy because one just need to press on the soft bottle to get the desired quantity. A bottle is much more costly than local brand but the taste made it worthwhile.

It is sold only at bigger (high class 😛 ) supermarkets and Japanese foods section. One 500 gram tube costs RM12+ and the low fat version is RM19.

If you are interested to know how mayonnaise is made, do check out  This site has info to almost everything.  Here’s the history of mayonnaise taken from

History of Mayo

Mayonnaise was invented in 1756 by the French chef of the Duc de Richelieu. After the Duc beat the British at Port Mahon, his chef created a victory feast that was to include a sauce made of cream and eggs. Realizing that there was no cream in the kitchen, the chef substituted olive oil for the cream and a new culinary creation was born. The chef named the new sauce “Mahonnaise” in honor of the Duc’s victory.

So, please do share what is your favourite brand of mayonnaise and how do you like to use it?

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  1. when i was doing my engineering industrial training at Unilever, one of their best selling product is the lady’s choice mayonnaise

    their survey shows that ppl like to have peanut butter with mayo on their bread…havent tried them myself..because it sounded yucky

    some ppl like them with chicken/meat floss..on bread too…

    only like chilli tuna (ayam brand) with extra lady’s choice mayo n cheese sandwich..toasted of coz…like the cheese melted..the whole sandwich tasted real meaty..YUM!

  2. hi, i like to use the same mayo brand in your pic – with the jap baby doll. use it to make sushi or as a dip with freshly cut jap cumumber. a friend of mine dip it with steamed brocoli.

  3. The 1st time i saw the ‘Food, for ages 0-100’ was on the pre-cook pack of baby food rice porridge & vegetables for my japanese friend’s 1 1/2 years old son… I asked him,”errr… up to 100 years old?” He said, “baby food is also good for elderly people and convalescents.” I think this statement is only on soft food and as we knew japanese people live longer-some up to 120 years old!

    Japanese also loves mayonnaise on their Okonomiyaki…

    My favorite mayonnaise is fresh homemade by hubby – on demand… He’s totally against the bottled versions with preservatives and thickeners.

    PS. I love your website! Thank you for sharing. In my bookmark, yours the best from Malaysia…

  4. Yeah, I agree the the Japanese mayo taste better. It is creamier, thicker and what I love most about it is that it doesn’t get absorbed by bread unlike our local Ladies Choice mayo. Unfortunately, the price difference is also between Heaven and Earth (LOL)!!!

  5. Your website looks Yummy to me with those mouth-watering & attractive food pictures. Are you a professional photographer ? What type of camera are you using ? Btw I am from Klang and my name almost same as yours, just with extra ‘L” & “N’Lilianne. Haha :>

  6. Thanks for the info, auntie. Now i find a replacement for Kraft and other western brands, which I also find a bit too sour.

  7. My fav mayo is the japanese taste nicer and has a creamier flavour to it.

    I dnt really see much of a difference in taste between imported mayo and lady’s choice apart from the price and horrors of horror’s in Kuching, Lady’s choice is far more expensive than Kraft? Now isn’t that a bit weird??

  8. I love the Japanese mayo too.. but I think HEINZ (it’s a little difficult to find) has the original taste of mayo.. it’s great too..

  9. I make my own. 1st version uses egg yolk, oil, mustard, vinegar/ lemon juice, sal&pep- 2nd version uses Condensed MILK- not sweetener, Lemon Juice, Mustard sal&pep in a blender.

  10. Last week I mix some mayo with pizza font paste (1:2) as base sauce for making mini pizza on garlic bread and it taste good. Would like to buy the Jap brand on my next trip shopping.

  11. In my house we usually keep Cain’s mayonnaise for its occasional uses. It probably has a flavor similar to Kraft and Hellmann’s, but it’s made with a decent quality oil and tastes fairly good. I can think of just five common uses for it offhand: tuna salad, cole slaw (where the mayo is mixed with sour cream, vinegar, and sugar to make the sauce), as a topping for hamburgers, macaroni salad (sauce is mayo, vinegar, mustard, salt, pepper, and sugar), and the BLT.

  12. erm…cant really find Kraft mayo…u can find Kraft thousand island…but Kraft mayo will be off the shelf very soon..

    Local Mayo has been dominated by Lady’s Choice…really…check out your local supermarket..

  13. The JP mayonnaise is called Kewpie Mayo. There’s almost an entire empire devoted to Kewpie fandom. Things like cellphone straps to little Kewpie doll bobbleheads for your car~ In Japan there’s people who put mayo in everything who are known as “Mayorer” lol

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