Meme – 5 things to eat before I die

The Foodblogger’s Guide To The Globe – Five Things To eat Before You Die” was conceived by Melissa of the fabulous “The Traveler’s Lunchbox” from Scotland and has been spread around the world since the day it got launched.
I got tagged by Rosa a few days ago and had been cracking my head on coming up with five foods that I want to eat before I die.  I can only think of two so far and shall come up with three more as I write this.
1. Fugu
Fugu (blow fish) is a fish which contains deadly poison in the organs. Despite the risk, fugu dishes remain as special feasts in Japan. Even the milt is considered as a great delicacy. Fugu is referred to as blow/globe/puffer fish since it blows its body up. (source)
The thought of eating something that can kills me sound very wicked.  I have seen food programmes on this but have never eaten fugu before partly because it is rare here and also very expensive.  So, fugu will be on my number one food to eat before I die.
2. Truffle

Because of their high price and their pungent taste, truffles are used sparingly.

White truffles are generally served uncooked and shaved over steaming buttered pasta or salads. White or black paper-thin truffle slices may be inserted in meats, under the skins of roasted fowl, in foie gras preparations, in pâtés, or in stuffings. Some specialty cheeses contain truffles as well. (source)

Truffle is so expensive and so rare, it will be the second thing I want to have a taste before I die. It is available here before but it costs hundreds and thousands of RM just to have a meal with truffle.  So, I shall just dream on…
3. Whole roasted lamb – Maori style
I remembered reading in Reader’s Digest about this New Zealand feast where they roasted a whole lamb over some volcanic stone/fire/whatever I can’t remember.  I think I was barely 10 years old then but the description of the taste sort of stayed in my mind.  So, having a whole lamb, fats and all will be a good way to clog up the heart that I won’t be needing, right?
4. Live Octopus
You know?  Those creepy crawly legs of the octopus?  Cut it and pop it into the mouth, Japanese style.  I bet it must be chewy and sweet.  Yumm…..
5. The world most expensive caviar
I don’t know what it is except that it has to be really, really expensive and rare.  The only caviar I can afford now is those super salty, fishy ones from the supermarket shelves.  So, give me some golden caviar with cheese and crackers, please.
LOL, from my list, I can see that I crave expensive foods I can’t afford right now.  So, I better cannot afford them anytime soon because I want to live a long, long time somemore.
I shall tag five persons:
1) RasaMalaysia – Penang/USA
2) CuisineParadise – Singapore
3) AhLum – Penang
4) Simmie – USA
5) Hochiak – KL
There are so many people I want to tag but I have to limit to five.  So, do share what will be the five foods you want to eat before you die (touch wood, I hope no one is pantang).  Drop your comments, please!

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9 thoughts on “Meme – 5 things to eat before I die

    Rasa Malaysia

    (October 8, 2006 - 6:37 am)

    Hey Lilian,

    I was tagged a couple of weeks ago and wrote my list already. Here you go:


    (October 8, 2006 - 7:32 am)

    That’s a very unique list! I’m not sure that I’d love to eat all of the things you mentioned, but I’d go for truffle, roasted lamb and caviar!…
    I love fish, but I might pass Fugu and regarding live octopus, well I prefer to eat my animals when they are dead…


    (October 8, 2006 - 8:21 am)

    I believe that was Hangi for The Roast Lamb in Maori style


    (October 9, 2006 - 11:31 am)

    Live Octopus? Yikes? Err..I pass on that, raw octopus maybe but a live one? imagining the tentacles clinging to my tongue and teeth refusing to go down my throat 😛 hahaha

    Fugu, that’s quite nice actually…if prepared by a licensed chef, fish is quite bland, not much on taste to be correct but if properly prepared, there’s just a nice buzz and slight numbness to the mouth.

    Caviar? Beluga I guess, still a salty thinggy..irregardless what people say, its just telur ikan masin 😛

    My first experience with exoctic food was foie gras at the 3rd floor of the J.W Marriot in KL… one bite and I thought I was in heaven…now can’t resist having it when I’m back even though it cost a bomb but the taste of heavenly delights is just worth the price.

    Truffle..ooh mushrooms…i think u can find it at the 3rd floor restaurant of the J.W. Marriot, Kuala Lumpur.

    Whole roast lamb..err..tempting, but are u planning to finish it all by yourself? U’ll be sick of it by the time you finish one leg 😛


    (October 9, 2006 - 4:16 pm)

    Aiyoyo! Kena tag liao and this tag is very the difficult to think of wan… 😛

    I will inform you once I think of my answers 🙂


    (October 10, 2006 - 12:14 pm)

    you know what I want to indulge in before i die? The world’s bestest meatiest burger – not fastfood chain burgers, complete with chunky lightly salted fries. With the thickest vanilla milkshake. Mmmm……


    (October 10, 2006 - 12:23 pm)

    Hi hi, I will think of my list, let you know later 😀
    Very difficult decisions lol


    (November 15, 2006 - 8:40 am)

    … lol and the live whole octopus is actually Korean, not Japanese. They twirl it tightly around the chopsticks, dip it in chili sauce and then chew it really fast.

    I, myself, would love to try the live octopus, truffles whale fat (blubber), shoot and cook my own game fowl, pika-pika (gold-leaf covered foods), food made of squid ink, and ohhhh bull testicles/eyeballs a’la Fear Factor just to know if I can do it!

    Probably the weirdest things I’ve eaten and checked off my list are emu/ostrich meat, cactus (in omelette and was served in an authentic Mexican restaurant in California!) conch (the snail like thing that lives in those huge shells off the Carribbean sea), ooo escargot!!! Natto (yum!) and ika shiokara (marinated squid guts), fried wood grubs and crickets, lutefisk (YUCK!) … sorry for so long comment >_


    (November 23, 2006 - 9:39 pm)

    Oh Fugu…I remember watching ah hong’s food show and that particular episode featured about Taiwan poisonless Fugu….but this site has news about the ‘New Fugu’ that is poisonless due to revamped Fugu fish diet. (The ones in Taiwan are naturally not poisonous)
    I saw the diver personally cought a pufferfish for Ah Hong!

    Interesting no? The island is beautiful too :3

    Now that u’ve mentioned the 5 food to eat b4 die….guess i will think about it too from now onwards…and maybe ask my friends too …hohohoh

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