Walnuts for healthy eating (pasta and vege salad)

I recently got interested into this ‘healthy eating’ stuffs after a visit to the doctor. Well, I do know about healthy eating but heh, one tends to push it off to the back of the mind when there are so many good foods around. But on second thought, I think it will be good, fun and a challenge to dish out these so-called healthy eating meals. I want to test if really healthy eating goes hand-in-hand with good food.

So, today, I dished out my lunch based on something I read from the latest health news about walnuts being good for the heart.

A team from Barcelona’s Hospital Clinico recommend eating around eight walnuts a day.

The study, which appears in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, also showed walnuts had more health benefits than olive oil. (full news from BBC)

Here it is, my salad of walnuts, celery, tomatoes, apple, penne (pasta) and raisins. Eat it while watching TV ain’t so bad after all! Crunchy, crispy, sweet and most of all, it is something new to me.

I made the dressings myself. I mix a tiny glass bottle of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, hot mustard powder (it is a yellowish powder, just like mustard but in powder form), chopped garlic, salt and pepper. Give the bottle a good shake to make the contents mix well.

Hahaha, let’s see how long I can last with these sort of foods. Of course, I am not going on a ‘do or die’ crusade to eat just foods like these. I will still pig out on normal foods but work hard to incorporate healthy eating lifestyle. Duh, the name ‘healthy eating’ is so cliche, no? And don’t worry, yummy foods will still be posted because my kids still eat regular foods, ok?

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  1. Sometimes, eating healthy does not mean we are so afraid so dieing soon but just to take care on our eating habit. I also have toasted almond, walnut and sunflower seeds at home. Sometimes, when i feel like munching, just grab some and eat. Walnut also contain high omega 3 fatty acids and also manganese. Once in a while it’s good to eat something simple – at least our system don’t have to work so hard mah. Ha ha ha. Sometimes, I also make salad for dinner. Not on diet lah for sure……… no such thing in my dictionary. Anyway, I really respect you lilian – DARE TO TRY!

  2. Wow! Your salad looks so colourful amd yummy. That shows healthy food could still taste and look good if u know how to improvise and be creative. Keep posting all yr healthy food so we could also be healthy like u..ok? I add walnuts, peaches, honey and raisins to my oats for breakfast.

  3. I onli eat walnut dipping with honey….As for the rest in pics, eeeewwwwWWW, die liao. Anyway, Happy Dieting, auntie.

  4. Hey Lilian,
    I need some good eating places in penang, from locals to internationals; stalls to restaurants.Can you help to recommend some? thanks a lot!

  5. Spunky – Aiyor…I am very disorganised one. I think I have it somewhere. Hope I can dig it out. You can check my foodblog Food Haven and look under eating places.

    prometuez – Walnut with chocolate is sooo gooood….

    molly – Once we get used to eating salad, it is rather tasty. But the problem is finding the fresh veges ‘cos I don’t buy them often and they wilted in the fridge.

    Erina – I just play-play only.

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