Fresh vegetables galore

I had a crazy urge to shop for vegetables the other day and grabbed a lot of cherry tomatoes, fennel greens, baoling mushroom, Japanese nasu (aubergine), Italian parsley and onions plus garlics. My original plan was to make a vegetable stew but it turned out horribly tart and ‘green’ due to the nasu.

So, I added plenty of stuffs inside, mushed them in the blender and ended up with the bestest spaghetti sauce.

What I did was:

  • Cut all the above vegetables into almost similar cooking sizes
  • Chopped the garlics and onions
  • Cut the stems of the Italian parsley for stewing (put aside the leaves for sprinkling)
  • Heat olive oil with some butter and stir fry garlics and onions
  • Add some ham or any type of meat for some flavours (I used bacons 🙂 )
  • Pour in some meat curry powder. Use about two tablespoons will do.
  • Add some curry leaves if you don’t mind the flavour
  • Flavour with canned tomatoes, some ketchup and whatever flavourings you fancy to get the right taste. A bit of sugar will balance out the sourish tomatoes.

Stew them until the fennel is soft. Blend them in the blender to make mushy sauce so that I can feed them to my kids without them picking out the individual vegetables. Otherwise, they are good to be eaten as it is. I used the vegetables as sandwich fillings too.

Conclusion is – If you want something interesting in your spaghetti sauce, try adding some curry leaves and curry powder. Not too much, just one or two tablespoons will do. It gives the sauce that exotic taste! Try it!

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  1. Fennels r YumMo! sad that they’re just too expensive over here.
    I like to cut them up in cubes and munch on them raw sometimes or just cut them in huge chunck and roast them in the oven with drizzle of olive oil and shallots as a side dish for a roast.

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