Recipe : Halloween pumpkin – curried, baked whole

This is really a test recipe but what the heck,   Halloween is just around the corner and pumpkin is THE vege.  I found imported US pumpkin going for RM229 per  fruit in the supermarket.  It is huge, I think bigger and heavier than I can carry.

Of course,I cannot afford a RM229 pumpkin so I bought a tiny one for only RM1.33.  Hehehe, cheap eh?  I checked through some internet sites to see if it is ok to bake a whole pumpkin and apparently, it can be done.  So I scoop out those seeds and stringy part, throw them away and use an ice-cream scoop to scoop out the flesh.

Jamie Oliver (hehehe, yes him again!) has a recipe called Laksa rice with pumpkin.  It gives me an idea to make curried pumpkin.  I used heat some oil, fry some curry leaves, fennel seeds and cummin seeds till fragrant.  Then, add in the pumpkin to mix well.  It seems to smell dull.  So I added some meat curry powder, add some dried rosemary and basil.  *cross fingers the Western and Eastern spices and herbs don’t clash*

I returned the stir fried ingredients back into the hollow pumpkin and there seems to be a lot of spaces there.  So, I poured in some red gram (lentils) and added some cream plus water.

I put back the top of the pumpkin which I cut out ealier, wrapped an aluminium foil, just in case the pumpkin leaks and place it in a baking tin.

The pumpkin is now sitting in the oven, at 180 deg. celcius and I expect it to be cooked in another hour or two.

The pictures turned out mighty attractive with its bright orange flesh so I thought of putting it up first.  Let’s see how it tastes like later, ok?  Then again, pumpkin is such a great vege/or is it fruit? to cook because it absorbs the flavours of everything it is cooked with.

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8 thoughts on “Recipe : Halloween pumpkin – curried, baked whole


    (October 27, 2006 - 5:23 pm)


    Sooi Sooi

    (October 27, 2006 - 10:09 pm)

    how did it turn out? good?


    (October 28, 2006 - 6:43 am)

    Pumpkin belongs to the vege,starch family, like the potato and parsnips =D
    The whole pumpkin itself make good decoration for meals esp. in parties and gatherings. Most kiwis over here will scoop out the fleshs and made into yummy hearty soup and pour it back into the shell which will also keep the soup warm!


    (October 30, 2006 - 11:18 pm)

    haha is that strand of hair in the pumpkin??


    (October 31, 2006 - 9:29 am)

    That’s THE most delicious looking pumpkin recipe I’ve ever seen in my life!! 🙂


    (October 31, 2006 - 10:51 am)

    there’s a strand of hair in your pumpkin lar !!

    My sis baked Casturd in a pumpkin last weekend. It turn out nice…something like ‘Kuih Bakar’..very creamy. Must show her your recipe 🙂


    (October 31, 2006 - 12:04 pm)

    Bad me. Please ignore my earlier comment. Found them liao. hehe *paiseh

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