Recipe : Curried Pumpkin (part 2) – Halloween recipe

So, how did my experimental curried pumpkin turns out?   It was fabulous!   So delicious, it deserves another post and a proper recipe:

If you are adventurous, try to do it when you have guests over for dinner and I bet they are going to be bowled over with this pumpkin in it’s own shell.   However, for the benefit o the less adventurous, let’s do a recipe without needing an oven. Which means, you cook the curry, put it into the pumpkin and heat through.

However,   I baked mine in the oven for almost two hours (ouch,$$$$$   the electricity the oven must have consumed!)   If you wish to bake it, remember to wash your pumpkin very, very thoroughly before you even cut it.   Pumpkins grow on the ground, if I am not mistaken. So, it has been in contact with the earth for a while.

Is this delicous or what?   Yummy on its own too.   Ok, here’s the recipe:

  • One handful of lentils – soak in hot water for at least an hour
  • One pumpkin the size of a football – wash thoroughly.   Cut off the top and scrapped out the seeds and stringy parts.   Then, use an icecream scoop or any large metal spoon, scrap out the flesh in huge chunks.   I tried using a knife to cut but it wasn’t easy.   Put the chunks of flesh in a bowl.
  • Next, heat some olive oil and stir fry till fragrant the followings:

1/2 teaspoon of cummins

1/2 teaspoon of fennel seeds

2 teaspoon of meat curry powder

1 sprig of curry leaves

some dried Western herbs like rosemary/basil or you can omit if you don’t have them

  • After that, add some meats, whether   mutton/beef/chicken or like me, I used bacon bits.   Stir and add in the pumpkin.   Add some salt to flavour.
  • Add enough water to cover.   To get the creamy taste, either add some coconut milk or yoghurt or like me, I used double-cream.   🙂
  • Now, if you are going to bake it, put all the ingredients back into the hollow pumpkin and bake it for 1+ hours (until the lentils are soft) at 180 deg. celcius.

Otherwise, just simmer the pumpkin in a pan, covered.   Until the lentils are soften.   It was the lentils that took up the cooking time.   You can omit it and you will cut short a lot of time.   However, the lentils give the pumpkin the lovely flavour and also an extra ‘bite’.   My lentil wasn’t soft enough and I can still chew on them.

Well, if you cooked the pumpkin and meats separately, you can still use the hollow shell.   However, remember to put the whole pumpkin into the oven or use the microwave oven to at least heat the whole thing through.   You musn’t use it raw because the parts are all contaminated with water and may cause tummy aches.

I could eat the pumpkin on its own.   Or you can eat it with white rice.   Otherwise, boil some pasta and eat as accompaniment.   Any which way, pumpkin is good.

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