Juicing, anyone?

I recently got into the craze of juicing every single vegetable and fruits I can get my hands on.

It started with a leftover of too many green apples and from then on, all my kids got into the habit of drinking fresh fruits and vegetables juices. My problem is I do not know which combination works best. I enjoy mixing the fruits and vegetables to mask the smell of the vegetables.

So far, I have used:

  • brocolli stem
  • ginger (trust me, it gives nice smell and helps me to expel the gas caused by watermelon)
  • Chinese parsley
  • celery
  • tomatoes
  • regular fruits like apple, oranges, grapes
  • watermelon
  • star fruits
  • honey dew
  • banana! ( abit mixed with other fruits won’t make the juice slimey)
  • carrots, obviously
  • roselle (a kind of flower)

Of course, eating fresh fruits is a lot more healthier. But hey, it is fun to down two apples, one orange and a huge slice of watermelon in a glass. Otherwise, how to consume that many fruits at one go, right?

The above red coloured juice is the juice from roselle flowers. I found the flowers for sale at GAMA, going for mere RM1.30 for a packet. It is this juicy red flowers which I boiled with some sugar because the thing is soooooo sour! After making a syrup from the flowers, I found it still too sour for my liking. So, I am adding them into my juices.

Now, kind folks, please share with me your favourite juice combination. I am totally lost in this because I don’t know what taste best when combined. I have yet to get my hands on beetroot to make an evil red juice yet.

A sidenote : Remember to make sure that all the utensils you use to cut the fruits are dry and clean. Use separate knives, chopping board, bowls from those you use for raw meat, please! And don’t go overboard with the orange-y vegetables if you don’t want to end up yellow on the palms and soles.

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  1. mom always force us to have bittergourd and cucumber juicr when we have ulsers or heaty..
    you could try orange + carrot
    celery +apple +cucumber
    oh oh..u can make lassi 🙂 mango + yogurt hehe..
    beet root and apple 😛
    pineapple+ celery..
    am now drinking strawberry+ banana smoothies 😛

  2. I was hooked to blueberry + bittergourd drink from a fruit juice counter near my previous ofice. It sound eehhh…right?

  3. untuk masaalah ‘tergantung’, nothing beats good ole tomato juice with beef stock & tabasco stirred with a celery stick!

  4. hie…juz wanna say something bout watermelons.
    don’t eat them so often cause farmers who plant them use alot of pesticides to ensure that the fruit is not attacked by pests. although the pesticide is sprayed on the outside of the fruit but it is also absorbed into the fruit through its leaves and stems. You can’t see the effects now but down the road in few years time only will the effects surface. i found out bout this from one of the courses i took for my major in the university.

  5. jmy, thanks for sharing that!

    i’ve read that pure fruit juice is healthier than fresh fruits… coz it saves our body the burden of ingesting those fibres from fresh fruits to get the goodness in its juice…provided it’s drank immediately after juicing.

    btw, nice pics! the 2nd one looks like the stained glass in churches.

  6. sooi sooi,
    but we really do need the extra fibre & by bypassing the ingestion process, we end up with a much higher sugar content and this can be very hazardous to people with diabetes.

  7. – Lime juice with a little honey
    – Starfruits (got fibre also mah)

    At times, I boil my own fruit juice and put in the fridge and I also serve them to my friends.
    – a few nice apple, cut into 4. Put some water and boil for few hours in the slow cooker. When it is abt to ready, add in some rock sugar.
    – a few pears, cut into 4. Boil in the slow cooker too with some honey dates for about 4 hours. Add some rock sugar if it is not sweet enough.

    This 2 can be kept in the fridge for 2 weeks.

  8. speaking of boiling own fruit juice….when u guys have cough or sorethroat..could try double boiled an apple..
    green apple, dont have to peel the skin..
    on to a bowl and put a few rock sugar..and double boiled it for an hour and 1/2…i like that
    grandma recipe…hehe

  9. athene, yes, normal healthy ppl wud need the fibres but sick ppl esp cancer patients benefited from juices alone. sugar content wud be worrisome in fruit juices, but vege juices are definitely power packed.

  10. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, apples+pears+oranges tastes really yummy. You can even try pineapple and watermelon if you’re feeling adventurous or carrots, celery and oranges but go easy on the celery as it has a strong taste and smell and can overwhelm the others. I love juicing!

  11. Hi Lilian!
    I found ur recipes very helpful to fulfill the appetite of my babies ( hubby included:) ) who sometimes got tired of the same old food. U really amazes me ! Ur momsbest forum helped me tremendously during my pregnancy and now as my family grows i found this website! Tq for helping us the new moms and novice cooks… Wish there’s more angels like u in Malaysia. Tq again 🙂

  12. you can get some more from a stall beside a Batik shop which is located on the way to Waterfall (Botanical Gardens). Saw some people taking juice ONLY for dinner.

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