Recipe : Lemon, poppy seeds cake

This is another “I better write this down before I forget” recipe. Actually, I wanted to bake it according to Jamie Oliver’s recipe of “Nan’s lemon drizzle cake” taken from his latest book Cook with Jamie. But after putting all the stuffs on the table, I found that I am short of 100 grams of almond powder plus I don’t think my kids will enjoy eating sourish, lemon cake. Jamie made his cake with 3 lemons. One for the cake, one for the syrup and one for the icing.

Here’s my improvised recipe using semolina flour (sugi) because it looks exactly like almond powder! Hehehe, this is the first time I bought semolina flour and did not know that I need to somewhat soak the flour a bit. No wonder my cake is so dry, but still tasty.


125 g butter, unsalted (about 4 oz)
125 g caster sugar

130 g self-raising flour

4 eggs

1 lemon – juice and zest (the yellow skin)

50 g poppy seeds (or about 2 tablespoons, buy those blue ones, they look pretty)

180 g almond powder (make sure it is powdered and not sliver or flakes)

**over here, I improvised with 50 grams almond powder mixed with 100 gms semolina (soak in a few spoonful of water first)


Method – The usual way of making cakes, i.e.

Cream butter and sugar

Add eggs one at a time

Add the juice, almond, flour and poppy seed

Mix well

Bake in 180 deg celcius for 40 minutes

See the recipe book in the background? I love looking at those poppy seeds in the cake batter. I told my kid they look like ants, don’t they? 😛

In Jamie’s recipe, he prepared a part of lemon juice which he poured into the cake after it is out of the oven. Next, he make another lemon syrup for decoration.

I did not use the juice of a whole lemon as I am pretty sure it will be too sourish for children. What I did was mix several tablespoons of icing sugar with the juice of half a lemon. My lemon syrup sort of disappeared into the cake before I managed to take a photo.

Another “I did it Jamie Oliver’s way” photo. The cake is very nice because it doesn’t have the rich, buttery taste of the normal butter cake. You can get surprising burst of flavours like the tasty almonds, crispy poppy seeds and zesty lemon with each bite.

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  1. Do you know that if you take a drug test after eating poppy seeds bagel, you might be tested positive….

    Do you feel happy after you comsume the cake?? Just joking OK?

    I was surprise that poppy seeds is banned in Singapore. So, cannot try this recipe here and also cannot buy from malaysia and bring back.

  2. lilian, u might hv added too much water to the icing sugar cos the first time i did that i was too gungho LOL… the next round i add the juice bit by bit and place the icing concoction over warm water (like double boil) and stir till the icing melts.

  3. piggy – You can get it from specialised bakery shop. I saw some very nice ones in Erina’s shop at Cooking Island (I have the address somewhere in this blog, just search cooking island). I love the bluish tinge!

    krysty – I think so but the lemon is really nice. I have an orange butter cake somewhere here too.

    Sooi – LOL, it was my bad. I did not read that I need to cook the mixture. I just mix with hot water and taruh.

    babe – I missed the cooking part, no wonder the flour in the icing sugar did not make it sticky. I think icing sugar has cornflour in it. Tks for the tips.

    TehSee – I saw that in MythBuster before. I purposely buy kaskas (poppy) powder to cook curry somewhere. Baru can high-high. LOL but no lah, don’t feel the effect.

    Pat – Yeap, I have one easy-peasy recipe somewhere here too. Can you please search with the search button? LOL, I have too many posts until I can’t remember. But my version doesn’t keep well unless you use a lot of brandy.

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