Juicing : Alien juice (bitter gourd, cucumber, watercress & mint)

If you enjoy black coffee, or rather black expresso, then do try this. It has the same intense bitterness *squinting eyes*. Otherwise, most people may not be able to tolerate the bitterness.

Two baby cucumbers

Two baby bitter gourds (oh boy, they are so bitter! Remove the seeds ‘cos it is hard and those pulpy, spongy white part are bitter)

A little bunch of watercress (choose the young sprouts)

A few sprigs of mint leaves (more to mask the smell of cucumber which I dislike)

An apple or some fruit. Otherwise, the juice will have no sweetness but only bitterness.

Looks good, eh? But it took me a while to get used to sipping this green, alien concoction down. By the way, it is advisable to use a straw to sip down the juice or drink it slowly, giving the juice enough time to go through our mouth. I read that some of the nutrients have to be break down by our saliva, or something like that. When I have the time, I will re-produce part of what a doctor wrote regarding juicing. His explanations why juicing has some benefits over eating the vegetables as in salad, will probably convince you to take up this good and healthy practice.

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  1. that’s a nice looking juice pic…but the thought of bittergourd juice taste gets my toes all curled up, haha! i wud pop in 2 apples and maybe a fat carrot as well!

  2. goodness i tried the small bitterguord once and that’s it. it’s super bitter euuwww! no amount of orange nor carrot could sweeten it up.

  3. What kind of juicer do you use?

    My mum uses that Jack La Lane juicer lots of juice, no fibre.

    A friend uses a Juicer with Stone Grinder which promises to break open the cells and release the chlorophyll. Especially for wheatgrass (I think). Slow and lots of fibre waste.

    Lately before puasa that friend changed over to a high RPM (Revs Per Minute) chopper from Korea which Chops all the fibres until fine, and, so fine until cannot taste on the tongue and can drink all juice and fibre. No fibre wastage. ( I think this is the best Chopper I’ve seen). Even Chops up Soya Bean until it become like very thick Soy Bean Juice and no sandy and gritty feeling on the tongue at all.

    But now some say it is best without the fibres. So now a bit confused.

  4. I heard that farmer pour lots of pesticide over watercress. Bitter gourd seed actually is highly nutrient. Blender will crush the seed, a filter is good enough to remove the particles.

    Here’s some of my mix for bitter gourd juice.
    – bitter gourd + star fruits + apples
    – bitter gourd + carrot
    – Bitter gourd + honey

    If you want to make an ice blend juice, just blend it with ice. Put 3-4 piece of cube ice at one time. (Just buy another RM100 blender for the ice blend if you want to maintain you existing blender “neatness”)

  5. […] I have been into juicing and written two posts – one is the recipe for the above bitter gourd juice and the other is to get some ideas from reader on what are good for juicing. […]

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