How to know if the yeast is fresh?

Ever make bread which doesn’t rise because of ‘dead’ yeast?  It is very frustrating right?  Most recipes will call for mixing dried yeast with warm milk and sugar and leave it to froth.  This is how frothing milk mixed with yeast looks like.

My advice is never buy too much yeast at one go.  Try to buy them from baking speciality stores as the yeast is fresher and usually much cheaper too.

Another one of my favourite cheat is to use more yeast than recommended.  For e.g. the recipe for making doughnut calls for 1 packet of 7 gram yeast.  I cheated by adding two tablespoons to be on the safe side.  If I am baking bread with the bread machine, I will add 1 tablespoon instead of 1 teaspoon.  😛
However, note that too much yeast can gives off sourish taste and smell.  So, don’t over do it too.

Since we live in the tropics, getting the yeast to froth and dough to rise is half the time it takes in temperate countries (if your recipe book is written by Caucasians).  Hot afternoons are the best time to make anything using yeast.  Trust me, they swell right before your eyes!

I only use dried yeast.  Never bothered with those fresh cube of yeast in the frozen section because I find their smell too strong and hard to store in the fridge too.  I am not sure if the results will be the same.

My fantastic doughnuts recipe coming up next.

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  1. There is a way to store your yeast – that is to keep it in an airtight container and place it in the fridge. Don’t put it outside due to the temperature or heat. There is a yeast that contain less sugar which is recommended to used for healthy bread. Too much yeast will also cause the bread texture not nice too. For your infomation, some people add amonia into the donat dough to make texture better. Only 1/4tsp for 500g flour. This is what I were told by one of the donut seller. I had personally tried it and it’s work. But make sure you must well mix otherwise ada bau lor

  2. I think buying instant yeast is easier. I even use them to make pancake. FYI I luuurve the taste and smell of yeast. Could be thealcohl taste and smell… hehehe.

    My donuts/ pizza skin very easy all use same recipe.

    1Kg Plain Flour, 1pack of Butter (rub In), 1 packet instant yeast, tinsy bit sugar and Milk to bind.

    For pizza crust I add 1tbls of crushed oregano leaves.
    Put olive oil in baking dish.

    Did you know that in theory, Bread freezes so well that it is fresh thawed as the day it is put in.

  3. fire80 – Aisay man….you semua pun boleh. Faster go open another blog for your recipe lah.

    Erina – Ammonia is like those used for yau char kwai, right? It smells good in yau char kwai and hamchipeng but stinks in doughnuts, hor?

  4. they call it ammonia meh? its called “kan sui” is it? if its kan sui then thats soda water rite ..

    eh aunty – simple la, dont use the yeast from the packets form wan la, use those big frozen blocks wan la, those guaranteed to work wan …

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