Recipe : Doughnut (part 2)

I wasn’t sure what to do with the doughnuts I fried.  So, I pounded one cinnamon stick till it turn into fine powder and mixed with caster sugar.

For the other variety, I melted one tablespoon of butter with icing sugar and a bit of water and flavoured it with vanilla.  It smells really good.

Once the doughnut is out of the hot oil, drain the oil on a piece of kitchen towel.  Then, dip them into whatever coating you prefer.

Here are just my suggested idea.  As I said, this is the first time I make doughnuts, so all the recipes are just trial basis.  But I can tell you that my doughnuts are the most scrumptious evarrrrr…..It is soft even after one day.  And the best to eat is while it is still warm.  Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

The best thing about the doughnut is there is ABSOLUTELY NO SOURISH smell like those cheap doughnuts.  And the butter still smells great.  My hubby complimented that I can open my own doughnut stall.  Better than Dunkin’ Donuts, maybe almost as good as Krispy Kreme (which I haven’t tasted before).


Cinnamon sugar – Mix a bit of cinnamon powder with caster sugar


Icing sugar coating


Chocolate coating – Melt cooking chocolate with some butter


Honey coating – Heat honey over slow fire until just bubbling.  Dip in doughtnuts and leave to cool


Vanilla butter sugar coating – Melt 1 tablespoon of butter with 1 tablespoon of water and 4 tablespoon of icing sugar.  Add a few drops of vanilla essence. I use the microwave at 30 seconds on high.  The consistency should be slightly thick.   Dip in doughnut.


Garlic butter – Spread garlic butter (meant for making garlic bread) when the doughnut is still hot. 

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  1. i think it has a lot to do with ur photography skills that seem to influence ppl to eat and cook whatever that u feature! i oso feel like making my own donuts now, hahah.

  2. Been wanting to make donuts, tapi I couldn’t find itu donut maker thingy (alasan alasan malas sebenarnya 😀 ). Thank you for posting this kak lilian 🙂

  3. What if today I talk about Cream Puffs/ Choux Pastry.

    The fantastickest cream puff I had was at Mid Valley itu orang tua janggut punya (to keep from free advertising) they sell cream puffs only. Pastry taste like wafer and the filling is real whipping cream with real vanilla.

    Please Lilian where to people buy real vanilla bean in KL/ Penang? anyone?

  4. fire80 – Aiks, that day QuaVadis gave me the address in Bangsar but I cannot seem to find it. In Penang, must ask Erina. You mean the Japanese brand punya cream puffs? I found the cover too hard lah but the cream nice.

    babe – You are going to be addicted to Jamie soon.

    TehSee – The only time I see Krispy Kreme is on Oprah. Maybe she exaggerated it a bit?

    Agnes – I am not sure what the texture will be like when baked ‘cos in hot oil, they cook very fast. And it doesn’t absorb much oil too. No oily-oily taste at all. But have to take care of the fire carefully.

    maR – I don’t know why the Westerners seem to have problem with cookies cutter? The other day one lady asked me about pineapple tart mould also. Here they are all so easily available and cheap. Hmmm..maybe I should start an online store. Hehehe.

    Gwen – Really? I almost got tricked by TV commercials then.

    Sooi2 – Ya, I took great care to take the photos, with the right plate etc. And make sure I got the right angle somemore. But not all the food photos lah, sometime just snap only.

    Terence – If you grow fat, don’t blame me hor?

    ***Peeps – I installed the subscribe to comments facility to help those who asked questions but need to come back for the answers. Now if you find the emails annoying (which I do), please go to the link on the mail and block all the notifications or just unsubscribe, please. Thank you.***

  5. Krispy Kreme is too sweet 🙁 like eating candy, and their cake-donuts are too dry. And this isn’t just from one place, I’ve had it at several locations and it just didn’t sit right with me.

  6. those jap puffs, nice but i dun think they wud last very long here…rm3.30 for one puff, a bit too much la!

  7. The jap puffs costs me nearly RM5 each in Hong Kong.. so far Malaysia’s chain is selling at ok price. They cannot keep the creme (I’m drooling while typing) for more than 3 days and strict temp control, don’t forget about the black dots in the creme that is real vanilla.

  8. Agnes – I normally have to steal only bites from my kids ‘cos if each of them have one, it is already a lot of money. Hehehe, anyway, it feels very fattening so I console myself that it is better not to eat.

    babe – Ya, I can read and read without getting tired. Between the two books, Jamie’s Dinner is easier to prepare.

    sooi – Good lah, that way cannot indulge too much.

    Gwen – Tks for telling me, now I know not to get sold by Oprah & her commercialised show.

  9. It’s all a matter of taste really. I have a lot of friends glare at me for putting Krispy Kreme down lol … and if you look at how Oprah has been struggling with her yo-yo diet and weightloss, should be clear! Haha

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