Recipe : Homemade doughnut/donut (part I)

I had some fun time testing out the doughnut recipe from Jamie Oliver’s book – Cook With Jamie.   His recipe is call Old English Spice doughnut on page 419.   However, I was short of a few things and just make do with whatever I have to get this basic recipe for doughnuts.

Recipe (modified by me so there is not guarantee 😛 )

  • 11 oz milk – warm/tepid
  • 1 tablespoon caster sugar
  • 2 tablespoon dry yeast
  • 1 tablespoon flour

Mix all the above and place aside.   The mixture should turn frothy.   In a tropical climate, the froth starts forming just after 5 minutes
(see what frothy yeast looks like in my previous post)

Next, in a mixing bowl, put in the below:

500 grams plain flour
2 oz butter
2 oz caster sugar

Mix with your fingers till become like breadcrumbs
Now, put the bowl of frothy milk from Part A into the mixing bowl of flour.  Mix with spoon into a bowl and after that, knead for about 5-10 minutes until it turn into a smooth, shiny ball.  If too sticky, add some flour.  If too dry, i.e. surfaces cracked, add a bit of milk.



Leave the ball of dough in the mixing bowl in a warm place.  Cover with a damp, clean towel.


Wait for the ball to expand twice its size.  It takes only 30 minutes on a hot afternoon.  Otherwise, wait further.  The dough is ready when the indent you make doesn’t spring back.



Punch the big ball of dough.  This is to remove air.  Then, knead a bit and roll out on a floured surface.  It is quite easy to handle the dough so no rolling pin is needed.  Just smoothen the dough to about half an inch thick.



Cut with a doughnut cutter and place them in line.  Keep a distance from each other.  The doughtnut will rise further.  Leave for about 30 minutes and do turn them over ‘cos the side that is near the floured surface doesn’t rise as well as the top.  So, flip it over to make the shape even.  You may end up with some leftovers tiny balls from the cutter.  Keep them for frying as well.



When the doughnuts are all smooth and roundish, they are ready for frying.



Heat a fryer with clean oil.   Test out with one of the doughtnut ball.  Once it swell up and floats, the oil is ready for frying.  Fry in small batches like 3-5 doughnuts per batch.  You need to keep watch over the doughnuts to ensure an even colour.  Remove from oil and drain with kitchen towels.  While the doughnuts are still hot, dip into the coating.

 (part two will have the coating)

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  1. Finally your dougnut recipe….Now I need to buy a dougnut to start the ball rolling….

    Do you know you can’t get Dunkin dougnut in Singapore??? I didn’t know I miss dougnut so much until the other day I have them near one petrol station on the way to Genting Highland…Especially those chocolate coating one…Yummy yummy..

  2. it just occured to me where the dunkin donuts’ little munchkins came from…must be from those cut-out holes of their regular donuts!

  3. sooi2 – Hahaha, now only you now? Yes lor. That day I made a mistake. I took all the little balls, roll it back to make a few more donuts but they came out with lots of bumps. Next time, I am going to have donut balls.

  4. omg… your son’s so cute measuring the distances between doghnuts?! He’s full of concentration…LOL

    Lovely doughnuts… slurphhhh!

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