Kiddies’ birthday cake

Normally, we dislike eating those cloyingly sweet and  extremely oily birthday cakes covered with icing.  But we have a very pleasantly sweet, fluffy and light cake yesterday.  It has none of those sickening, choking feeling of icing and dry, sponge cake.  Probably the icing is made of fresh cream and  icing sugar instead of the usual margarine/butter and icing sugar.

The sponge is light, spongy and layered with a thin layer of cream and pieces of longan.  Not much food colourings were used too.  But what I like is the accommodating baker who made the cake according to what my son wanted.  The design in not the standard design.   Moreover, my kid asked for piping  jelly.  He doesn’t want those computer generated designs because they are way too sweet and not edible.

Most bakeries refuse to make piping jelly design birthday cakes nowadays because it is time consuming and not everyone has the skill.

I actually ordered and paid for a 1.5KG cake but the baker told my son, “Since you are a such a smart (demanding) boy, I made a 2KG cake for you.”  The cake is indeed very huge.  I adore the blue and white skirting or what you call those frilly lines.  It is so delicate and beautiful!

So, here’s the design of Dragon Ball’s Goku which is made to order.  The body and costumes are made from piping jelly which my kids love.

One happy customer, thanks to Jenni Homemade Cakes in Pulau Tikus which supplies great cakes.    The cost?  It is less than RM70.

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  1. Yeah I love Jenni’s cakes too. My favorite is their special tiramisu with brownie and macademia nuts base. Absolutely delicious with just a subtle hint of rum. I ordered 1 at 2 kg for my office birthday party and requested a World Cup design which they were able to accommodate in just 24 hours! I also ordered a rather naughty design 😉 for my friend’s birthday cake and they actually managed to make it really close to the original design (which is made of marzipan) with just piping cream. Very skillful indeed.

  2. Here in Perth simple cake around 1kg with those paste on imagine of top of the cake would cost around AU$40. The cake with traditional icing would start around AU$70 according to the design. Becoz of that I bake my two birthday cake for the my kids. Too kedekut to spend money and yet I get the satisfaction when my son told his kindy teacher, my mommy is a good cook.

  3. it’s easy to tell that’s one genuine baker who puts her/his heart & soul into the artwork.

    psst, got recipe for the lychee sponge cake? kekekehh…

  4. sooi2 – Yalor, I am so touched with this kind of service. That’s why I promote the shop again and again eventhough they don’t know about me or the blog. No wor, I never dare to try making layers, very mah huan you know.

    TehSee – Tks

    flower – Wow, I must go learn the art of decorating cake and migrate to Perth. Hahaha.

    babe – Yeah, and the sponge is not dried but freshly out of the oven fluffy type.

    Sheryl – I saw the tiramisu, it was over RM100? With real stuffs in there plus liqour. I am going to get one soon. Maybe for Christmas.

  5. Well, from the price list they gave me the plain tiramisu costs RM90/kg but with piping jelly it’s RM100. For 1/2 kg it’s only RM35. They charged me RM120 for my friend’s cake because of all the extra work required to pipe in the decoration. Just emailed you a pic of the cake so you can see the workmanship hehehe…

  6. silly html coding …

    my original post was Oh no… cake! My one (of many) weakness! How to diet like that when I am reading your lovely blog. omg …

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