Norwegian brown cheese – serving ideas appreciated


I have never eaten this before until Erina showed me. Being one who must try every single thing, I bought a block of this but haven’t open it yet because I am not too sure what to do with it to get the best results.

All Norwegian language here, I suppose. Even the website is in Norwegian language. Maybe I should fly over to Oslo Foodie and ask her to help me out.

Folks, please give some suggestions how is brown cheese served? I had checked the internet but need more idea because this is a huge block of chese to finish. Thank you very much!

(oops, oslo foodie blog has vanished and Lisa is off to some adventures)

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  1. It just so happens that I’m in Norway at the moment, and have been eating this stuff for the past few days. It goes well with bread, cold meat, preserved fish… whatever.

    Norwegian brown cheese has a unique flavor, but not too overwhelming. Tastes meaty, almost. But if you like cheese, in general, you wouldn’t have any problems with this stuff.

    I’ve mixed it with various combinations of cold cuts, spreads, etc., and so far have not gotten a combo I don’t like.

    Give it a whirl…

  2. Best is to open, smell it and see if you like the flavour.

    Last pic teaches you how to slice it, thinly with a cheese slicer..

    U can put it on bread tat’s already coated with strawberry or blueberry jam and pop it into the oven for a few minutes till the cheese melt 😛

  3. Hello,
    I am Scandinavian. I would prefer to make a sauce of that cheese. It is not very tasty to eat with bread, in my opinion. This cheese goes well with “wildlife” meats such as, reindeer or deer, wild mushrooms like porcini or chanterelle is also very good. I´ll pass you a typical Scandinavian sauce-recipe including this cheese:
    Norwegian goatcheese sauce
    2 ½ tbsp butter
    5 tbsp flour
    2.5 cup meatbroth
    1 cup full fat creme
    2 tbsp chinese soysauce
    1 cup of grated norwegian brown goatcheese
    2 tbsp cognac (alcohol)
    ½ teaspoon vinegar
    1 ½ finely grated whitepepper
    Melt the butter in a pan. Whisk the flour in the butter, pour on the broth, keep on whisking. Pour the creme, then the soy sauce. Grate the cheese and put it in, pour the brandy and vinegar and whitepepper. Taste and if required put in salt and pepper. Let the sauce simmer for a while. The sauce should be runny but thick and have a full rich taste with a distinct taste of the sweet cheese.

    You should serve reindeer with this sauce. I think any red meat will do fine here. You can use clove when you cook the meat and simulate the “wild” taste. I am not sure about fish, I wouldn´t do that nor chicken. Potatoes, like mashed, potatoegratin or just plain boiled potatoes as condiments and of course mushroom.I hope you´ll like it.
    greets Ylva

  4. oh Scandinavian dish also use chinese soy sauce…haha nowadays food are very international liao…wahh so much cheese :3~ yah agree wif teh see… try and blog it! oh yah tot one of ur son’s luv cheese and knows them by heart. Does he like it?

  5. Hello!

    Been a silent reader of your blog for long, but I just HAD to leave a comment here – where did you get this Norwegian cheese? I live in Singapore and I always thought it was pretty rare around these parts.


  6. KL – Tks for reading. I got it from Cooking Island, Penang a shop selling cooking ingredients. Erina, the owner often dropped by my blog so I am always updated with the latest arrival of good foods. 🙂

    Jian – Ya, so nice to see Chinese soya sauce in there too. My son was the one who asked me to buy. I haven’t open the pack is big so I must know how to finish it off before I break the seal.

    TehSee – Ya, got reindeer somemore! I thot reindeers helped Santa and live in the North Pole. Hahaha.

    Swedish Ylva! – Thanks so much for that recipe. I will get some lamb or beef and try it for sure! When I did it, I will drop by your site and tell you, ok? The sauce sounds pretty easy to do. I love the cognac part especially.

    Gwen – Tks for the links. I sampled it at the shop the other day and I must say it is pretty mild. For someone like me who eats blue cheese, of course.

    Erina – Ya, will find a good time to do that. Lately weather too hot, I am too lazy to cook anything elaborate. Hahaha.

    QV – I had tried it at the shop and like the smooth taste.

    Hijackqueen – The whole block is 500 grams, huge one. Hope I don’t get too fat after eating.

    y@n – Ya. But until now, I don’t know if it is goat+cow’s milk or just goat’s milk. LOL.

    walski69 – What a coincident! I had bought some ham to make sandwiches with it. Will try tomorrow. Thanks and enjoy your trip! Bring back some Norwegian salmon for me. 🙂

  7. Wow Lilian !

    looks like a lot of people over here would like to see your results using the Norwegian cheese…

    We are so exicited to see the sauce outcome and the taste upon Ylva recipe!!

    What we can say is….Go Lilian Go !! Lilian Boleh !! Yee Har !!

  8. Hi Lilian, i see if i can help you with some alternative of using this Norwegian brown cheese as i’m living in Norway now. I suggest you eat with bread (raisin and mix fruit filled), smear of butter and some slices of brown cheese on top. I like best to have the brown cheese with stew. I have more recipe on brown cheese upon your request but here are the meat stew recepi.

    Meat Stew

    500g deer or lamb meat (diced)
    1 big onion (choped)
    150g mushroom (choped)
    5 slices of brown cheese
    5-6 pcs of juniper berry (pounded)
    1 tbsp cowberry / whortleberry jam
    2 tbsp margarin
    300ml sour cream
    100-200ml water

    Brown the onion and mushroom on the saucer pan.
    Add meat and brown it as well.
    Add water.
    Add sour cream, pounded juniper berry, brown cheese and cowberry jam and mix.
    Add seasoning and cook until meat soft.
    Serve with cook potato and steam vegetable (carrot, broccoli or cauliflower) the norwegian style or just eat with rice also can.

    Video on how to make the dishes.

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