Review : Queensbay Mall & Jusco, Penang

I wasn’t too excited about another shopping mall opening until I went to Queensbay Mall. All the big names are there. This means I don’t have to wait for my next visit to Kuala Lumpur to browse Borders or eat Beard Papa’s.


The place is pleasantly spacious, bright and there are many shops not found in Gurney Plaza. Therefore, I can say that Queensbay Mall will garner its own crowds in future. If we look at the success of e-Gate eating outlets, I have a safe feeling  that Queensbay Mall will do well.


Queensbay Mall reminds me of MidValley megamall with its circular shapes concourse. But Queensbay Mall stood out with its magnificent view of the Penang Bridge and the Pulau Jerjak. I did not go outside but can imagine that it must be rather nice and breezy along the sidewalks (I do not know if there is any though).


To get there from town, use the   coastal highway. Follow the Bayan Lepas route until you start to see the huge signs show Queensbay Mall. It is a little confusing in the beginning because the coastal road narrow down to a tiny lane and you have to make a big circle to turn into their car park. Getting out is equally confusing to me so I drove up to the Bayan Lepas industrial area and make a U-turn to get back to Georgetown. It is a nice drive with beautiful views so don’t worry about going the extra mile.

I hope Queensbay Mall has resounding success because this way, I don’t need to wait to go to KL for my fix of Swensen Sticky Chewy Chocolate, Paddington Pancakes, Beard Papa’s, just to name a few outlets not found in Penang.

There are plenty of parking but the only duh point is the kiasu drivers who cannot wait to get into the first available lot, waiting unnecessary for the  previous driver to load their stuffs and get out of the lot.  They cause a bottle neck because of this.

I did not manage to browse through all the shop except eating at Jusco area.  One of these days, I am going to dump all my kids with my sister and explore the place on my own.  Parking is free now.  Plenty of dust and renovation going on so avoid the place if you can’t stand dust.  Otherwise, be part of the crowd to throng the place.  Christmas mood is prevalent there and there was a group of kids doing some show when I was there.  Hey, they even play Christmas songs.  Some shopping malls here are only playing instrumental Christmas songs, contrary to the Jingle Bells in Queensbay Mall.  Maybe that’s why I am so biased towards Queensbay Mall.

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  1. wow! you made it to queensbay! how’s the crowd and traffic? wondering if I dare to brave the crowd so soon. btw, the tgif suda buka ka?

  2. athene – There isn’t much traffic except in the car park itself due to kiasuism. Crowd quite dispersed ‘cos of the huge floor area. TGIF – tak nampak pun ‘cos I only went to one section and my kid kacau already.

  3. Hoorah! Queensbay Mall, Queensbay Mall. Must remember this when I next go to Penang. I’ll also have to ask you where the best hawker stalls are come then! 😀

  4. Cepat nya diorang buka. The last time I was there, ada lagi crane yang terpacak dan banyak bahagian yang belum siap. Macam ni saya tak payah drive. Jalan aje dari Pantai Jerejak.

  5. Ai yoh Lillian, I decided to go check out Queensbay after failing to get into Gurney’s car park. Can you believe I circled the place twice and still couldn’t get into either the basement parking or multi storey parking eeeessshhhh…

    Anyway, I didn’t make it to Queensbay either. Why? Because I can see the looooonnnnnngggggg queue to their car park even before I reach the turn off to go into their premises itself!!!!! And other people who can’t wait are dumping their vehicles all along the side of the flyover towards the Bayan Lepas roundabout. Scary!!!!

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