Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper

I haven’t heard of Dr Pepper but my children knew about it as an American soda. So, the other day when they were at Cooking Island, they wanted to try a can. Funny thing is none of us like it except my #2 son who has very refined tastebuds. He loves it! Weird. He even can discerns what’s in the ingredients.

Considering that the soda comes from the States, it is not that expensive. Not like those Japanese mini cans of coke and 7-Up. I am not sure if they still have stock but if you like Dr Pepper, check out Cooking Island and see. And no, I am not paid to promote Dr Pepper. Just that they got a very nice interactive site and is around since 1885.

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  1. LOL its not having refind taste buds…. in the states its actually associated to dieters coz it they initially came out with diet pepper thats how recognition for it started as a diet soda…. but both diet & non diet pepper tastes not so great though compared to coke 😉

  2. i’m wondering…can the boy with extra tastebuds identify pepsi, coca cola, tesco cola and dr.pepper by tasting it blindfolded?

  3. Prometeuz – Yeap, that’s what all of us said it taste like. LOL.

    sooi2 – Oh yes…that little monkey (he is born in monkey year) is so finicky he knows.

    maR – Tak perasan pulak, I think no more cos never heard or seen the ads before. I know I like it last time too.

    lucifer – According to Cooking Island, their expats love DrPepper. They have crates of it which sell off fast. I think our tastebuds are ‘Asianised’. hahaha.

  4. I knew this Dr. Pepper during my business trip in US.
    Most of the woman love it and one of the American told me that from the north part of the state they love Pepsi from the southern part they love Coke.
    As I know there are more Pepsi lover than coke lover in the state.

  5. Dr. Pepper tastes like antibiotic to me. I tried one sip…and i poured the rest down the drain. Sorry for wasting but i just can’t bear the taste. 😉

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