Christmas Stollen

We used to receive Christmas Stollen imported from Germany as gifts. It was far too sweet for our liking and each year, we really do not know what to do with it. So, when Lawrence of Cooking Island asked me if I like stollen, I straight away told him, Oh no! I don’t like it. Hehehe, I momentarily forget that he is partly a baker cum food ingredients supplier and blurted that out before thinking! LOL.


But anyway, I got this present from him and Erina. It came in a nice basket and a tiny note explaining what [tag]Christmas[/tag] stollen signifies. The note says it represent baby Jesus swathed in cloth and lying in a crib of hay. On it, there are three angels that heralds the birth of Christ.

To my surprise, the stollen from Cooking Island is so, so much nicer than those that I had eaten. It wasn’t sweet at all, except for the raisins and mixed peel.


The stollen has texture like bread and filled with lots of almonds and mixed fruits. Inside, there is marzipan which taste creamy and fragrant. My kids asked if the marzipan can be bought separately. (Erina?) We finished the stollen in two sittings. Nice to chew and munch with crunchy nuts. Not too sweet and no sticky dough that stuck to the mouth.


If you are interested to get yourself a stollen, do give Lawrence/Erina of Cooking Island a call.  I am not sure if it is for sale, though.

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