Orange, poppy seeds, peanut butter muffins

After reading masak-masak and boo_licious‘s blog posts about peanut butter cupcakes, I had been hankering for peanut butter stuffs. However, I am too lazy to bake real cupcakes and opted for muffin mix which I bought from Cooking Island.


Muffin is somewhat less fattening and healthier than butter cupcakes because it uses only flour, sugar, less number of eggs, milk and a small cup of cornoil. However, muffin is best eaten when it is fresh out of the oven or it will turn quite dry due to the amount of baking soda and little oil.


This is the second time I bought the muffin mix from Cooking Island. I like their orange, poppy seed mix rather than the blueberry version. It takes just two steps of mixing, really easy peasy. I put a dollop of peanut butter into the individual muffin and give it a twirl with the chopstick before popping them into the oven. (thanks to boo and babe for this great idea!)


Fifteen minutes later, I have one batch of the most delicious muffins. It costs mere cents as I made 18 muffins for just a few Ringgit. It tastes way better than those sold in bakeries and best of all, they are available hot.


The sticky, creamy taste of the peanut butter mixed with the tangy flavour of orange and orange peels plus the crunchy surprises of the poppy seeds is pure heaven.  Take it with a cup of freshly brewed tea, I feel like I  taking afternoon English tea in some posh hotel.

Muffin is very easy to make from scratch.  Here is one of my earlier muffin recipe using oats and banana.

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13 thoughts on “Orange, poppy seeds, peanut butter muffins

    Mom’s Daily

    (December 19, 2006 - 3:17 pm)

    […] Visit my food blog, Best Recipe and Food for the muffin recipe and ideas. […]


    (December 19, 2006 - 5:27 pm)

    looks so yummmy!!!
    i like to eat peanut butter..esp the old style


    (December 20, 2006 - 1:31 am)

    Yup, I have to agree that it’s surprisingly easy to whip up some delicious muffins. I can’t cook to save my life but when I decided to try my hands at baking, the first batch of muffin came out nice and yummy. The bakery supply shop I visited did recommend that poppy seeds goes well with orange flavoured muffin. Now that I see the real thing, drool inducing and tasty in the picture, I have to try baking some myself! And of course not forgetting to add in peanut butter 🙂


    (December 20, 2006 - 9:07 am)

    That looks so good la yummy…..

    Erina Law

    (December 20, 2006 - 1:15 pm)

    Lilian, one of my friend saw that and she came and ask me about it. She also follow ur method lar. She say very good lor. Wah lau!!! U really creative leh. I must try it later too. Moh cap she lor…………. lol


    (December 24, 2006 - 1:04 am)

    is COOKING ISLAND the brand of muffin mixture or the shop you bought the muffin mixture?


    (December 24, 2006 - 10:42 am)

    nana – It is a shop in Penang selling cooking ingredients. You can use the search button and find out more.


    (December 26, 2006 - 12:27 am)

    emm then, may i know the brand of the muffin mixture?

    cooking island

    (December 26, 2006 - 9:17 pm)

    juz drop by at our shop when you are free. You will find out more…We have new product that can turns into 6 or more kind of product in a single flour I would say that it’s like 6 in 1 product..You can make muffins , carrot cake , biscotti and etc. It’s not on sale now because we have to try it out and check the specification of products whether it is ok to consume or not.


    (December 28, 2006 - 4:41 pm)

    cooking island – but i live in KL wan….u have a branch here?

    lilian – may i know the brand of muffin mixture please? pretty pretty please..? 🙂


    (December 29, 2006 - 9:54 am)

    nana – Sorry I am not much help cos the powder is premix by the shop. Maybe you can try to buy from any cake specialist shops in KL? I don’t have the contact though.


    (December 30, 2006 - 1:33 am)

    ooh premix by the shop wan… det eh…i guess itz time cooking island think of setting up online shop la…so people outside penang oso can buy their stuff..

    Erina Law

    (January 2, 2007 - 3:13 pm)

    Nana : Hahaha………… it’s an imported item and we repack them. Some of the items are our house brand.

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