Download free Christmas turkey recipe with photos and instructions

Here are some roast chicken or roast turkey recipes plus how to roast a leg of lamb tips.

How to roast chicken, turkey or leg of lamb

Turkey for Christmas

I am such a procrastinator. Should have done this earlier but never mind, there are still many days to Christmas. You still have time to get your turkey from the frozen food supplier and test roasting your own turkey.

The recipe is non-halal and requires only three ingredients. I have uploaded the file in .pdf format.

Here’s the link to the Christmas turkey recipe:

and if turkey sounds too intimidating to you, try chicken instead. Here’s another .pdf file for chicken recipes. I have a few recipes in there with photos.

Hope the recipes help in making your holiday season a merrier one.

4 Replies to “Download free Christmas turkey recipe with photos and instructions”

  1. Really??? That plastic thingy between the turkey’s thighs is not meant to be removed? Should have known laa…still remember I cut my hand the first time I tried to remove the thing.

  2. sheryl – I actually hunt for the answer on the internet and asked it in my older post. Yes, the plastic is meant to be there and even after roasting, it is still intact. Made from some very heat resistant plastic.

    mspretty – Very expensive wor. Over here it is over RM200 per turkey with stuffings.

  3. […] You say stressed or not? I just discovered my France turkey is not like the USA turkey I had last year. François Torque (pronounce france turkey lah) doesn’t have timer to tell me if it is cook. It doesn’t have the plastic thing to secure the legs together. What if after I roast liao, the kaki terkangkang likedat? OMG, that is so obscene! Because you know what? I got someone searching for ’sex with turkey’ on Google! Crazy fella, I tell you! And now, I must go cari what to stuff that bird because I didn’t plan to roast it anytime soon and didn’t get the potatoes, sauce, parsley…… I haven’t done any grocery shopping. (download turkey recipe here) […]

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