I went to Melaka and all I ate was..

Oh well, so much for culinary experience and adventure in Melaka. I was sick and lost my sense of smell and taste buds. Plus with a giddy head, I wasn’t in the mood to explore anywhere. Moreover, all the meals are almost taken care off by the relatives so I didn’t even have a chance to sample anything.


Here are the photos I took from the wedding reception when the groom came for the bride. Normally, we will serve some sweet local cakes for the bunch of visitors. The above is a plate of ondeh-ondeh. Gula Melaka, being from Melaka is one of the main ingredients in making ondeh-ondeh. I have the recipe for Ondeh-ondeh here.


Some gaudy coloured kuehs, which is a little like Penang ‘ang-koo’ kueh but only much gaudy. 😛
I did sample one and it is made of green beans, with its skin. Penang’s angkoo only uses the mungbeans without skin so it is much nicer.


Curry puffs. Actually, there are lots of other foods in the buffet but the groom was supposed to arrive at 8.30 am to pick the bride. So, my sis rushed me and I never got to eat anything. Boohoo! Why in the world would the groom come to fetch the bride at 8 am, I can’t figure. He lives like 10 mins away from the Hotel Puri. Doh! Must be some fengshui thingie about lucky hours.


Pulut ta-tai. Penang ones better.

I did had some nice seafood at the Portugese Settlement but not sure when I get to blog it because the internet speed is killing. In fact, this post was written in parts since yesterday. Grrr…

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  1. Lilian………. you make me really air liur meleleh lor. All this are my favourite kueh!!! In Taiping there is a stall that sell good kueh. To me most important, santan mesti cukup. Once a while this santan won’t cause us die faster mah. Ngam moh??? lol

  2. Which restaurant did you go to at the settlement? I remember we went to this place called Papa Joe’s and they serve this really killer curry chicken. Some people in our group commented that it is spicier than any Malaysian curry!

  3. I have a Malaccan peranakan mother-in-law and my mom is of Penang descent. I have tried many Penang and Malacca versions of stuff and somehow I still prefer my mother’s Penang version, just to name a few – Mee Siam & Achar.

  4. All the kuihs in here makes me drool. On top of that, the mention of Melaka itself, makes me homesick already….The bridegroom just can’t wait to get his bride, that’s why he came earlier! Hahaha….

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