Portugese Settlement, Melaka – Seafood/scallop

My hubby’s brother brought us to this place. Before that, I have heard of several people recommending the place. Well, it is not easy to find it ‘cos I remember going through some small roads before we reach there. So, if you plan to go, do get your map and direction first ‘cos I am not much help in this area.

There are lots of photos, so I shall break down this place to several posts. Firstly, I will show you this shellfish which the stall owner said is the scallop. He showed me the other type which is the normal ones that I see and eat often which he said is the mirror scallop. Meanwhile, I forget the name of this huge one.


It is for sure not scallop as the shape of the shell is triangular and not the fan shape. Moreover, it is too cheap ‘cos three huge ones only cost RM12. Moreover, it is not sweet but rather chewy.


No one dares to eat it so I had to finish all three. The good thing is the place was very dark and I can’t see what I am swallowing. Hehehe. However, I only notice they look so eeky after I got back to the hotel and downloaded the macro shots (taken with my son’s camera).


I was anticipating some major tummy ache but lucky, nothing happens. The scallops or whatever they are, were grilled till cook so I am fine, I guess. Otherwise, they do look pretty gross, ya?

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  1. What lah u. You should only eat the centre round white piece lah. RM12 for 3 pieces?? Tourist price lah.
    My price is 5 for RM10.

  2. Haiyor Terence, now only you tell me. The place so dark-dark like that, I sumbat everything down lor. Lucky never lau sai. Kahkakkah.

  3. I think that’s ‘siput kemudi’. We usually stirfry them with garlic & ‘kunyit’. Everybody will be fighting for the white part. Can’t eat too much though, the white part is too cloyingly sweet.

  4. Thx, just realised how scallops looked like as a “whole” coz the ones tt’s marketed here are sold on a half shell with the white flesh only. Woww..so pricey, they cost like USD$1+/ piece. The sides are almost unedible, however they’re sometimes dehydrated & used for soups. Cheers !:)

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