Resipi : Cucur udang

I love cucur udang but usually avoid buying them because they are normally very oily and doesn’t have much goodies inside like fresh prawns. What we mostly get is flour only.

However, last weekend, when I was Tampin to visit my hubby’s brother, I stumbled on this nice, sos kueh udang. It was sold in bottles, sealed and labelled.


Sos cucur udang Alor Gajah – Melaka Best! RM3.50 per bottle.

Here’s my agak-agak recipe for cucur udang:

1 cup flour (add some breadcrumbs/bicarbonate of soda for extra crispiness)

1 handful of beansprouts – wash clean

2 stalks chives or spring onion, cut finely

1 teaspoon of tumeric powder – to flavour and also to give it a nice yellow, golden colour

1 egg

1 small handful of shrimps – or anchovies or dried shrimps

pepper, fish sauce or salt to taste

Translation :
1 cawan tepung
Segenggam taugeh
Seikat kecil daun kuchai (atau daun bawang)
1 camca tepung kunyit
Sebiji telur
Segenggam kecil udang, udang kering ATAU ikan bilis
Lada putih, sos ikan (thai) dan secubit garam

Gaulkan kesemua bahan di atas. Goreng dengan minyak panas.


Bind all the above into one thick paste. Add a little water if it refuses to stick all the beansprouts together. Add a bit of flour is there seems to be ‘loose’ beansprouts. Deep fry the batter by spoonsful in hot oil. The shape does not have to be regular.


The taste is already very nice and authentic. However, if you like, you can add some chopped chillies and onion into the batter. I used anchovies and dried shrimps. Love the saltish bits in the cucur. If you find it too troublesome to make things from scratch, you may want to try out Cucur Adabi which is pre-packed cucur flour in many flavours. However, it is much nicer to make from scratch.


8 Replies to “Resipi : Cucur udang”

  1. I always cook this cucur for breakfast or tea. Easy mah… No need to use the instant tepung. The mat salleh here also have their version and call it fritters. Usually I put corn and big onion. And I used the bottled italian anchovies. Its cheaper than our Malaysia ikan bilis….

  2. flower – Over here the Italian anchovies cost a bomb, like RM20 for a tiny tin with only 7 fishes!

    rasamalaysia – It is so versatile and can last for two days. I ate it for dinner and breakfast the next day.

    Michal – Translated, as you wished. 😛

  3. The ones I made back in secondary school has onions. spring onions and chillis….Definitely taste better with onions….and I prefer more eggs…lolz…tho it could be hard if put add in too much eggs but the smell is heaven.

  4. OH MY GODddd, I am so deprived from those udang fritters, been so long, missed mom’s cucur too. You’ve made it so lively & definitely make me some one of these days, thx !! Cheers 🙂

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