Cute little pancakes


I must have bad luck that every time I go to Paddington Pancake, I tend to meet with less than satisfactory service. I had tried the outlet at The Curve many months ago and wasn’t happy. We tried the outlet in QueensBay Mall, Penang and it wasn’t good. I had been to the Queensbay Mall outlet twice.

I like the pancake, but Paddington Pancake must seriously organise their staffs better. They have many, many waiters and waitresses. But there are a few that needs proper training. For e.g. they will stand there and not responding until we flail our hands for the menu. Then, the previous time I was there, the waiter took our order and instead of going to the kitchen to deliver the order, he went to the next table to take another order.


I was served by a waiter with a strong B.O. today and I tell you, it is not pleasant when you expect your machiato to come with a nice coffee aroma but assaulted with the armpit smell of the waiter instead. So, having said that, there are a few Malay waiters who are really great, polite and know how to recommend their pancakes.


Now on to the food. Like I said, I love the pancakes. This is the Paddington Dollar pancakes which my toddler loves to bits. It is actually a plate of tiny pancakes with sausages, crispy ham, lots of peppers and vegetables and guacamole dip. I used a 50 cents coin to show how small the tiny pancakes are. Cute, right?


It has a mild taste and my toddler loves the pancake and sausage bits and I enjoyed the guacamole with the vege and pickles.

The price? Only RM12.50 – 10% (for Jusco cardholder). A worth eat because the plate is so huge, it can feeds two person.

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  1. I agree abt Paddington Pancake House service quality. The original name for Paddington Dollar pancake is Pannekoek – a Dutch pancake, which is the same size, light & serve with ligth sprinkling of icing sugar. Yum yum yummy…. Thanks for the discount tip with Jusco card. 😉

  2. Hello kak lilian! I like pancakes, but unfortunately I had never been to paddington pancake house. Do they have an outlet over around seberang perai perhaps?

  3. So far I’ve been to the pancake house twice….let’s see….1st time wasn’t great…too many people and had to wait up to half an hour for food to be served. 2nd time was so much better…The waitress was great. Now let’s see…yes, her name is Hooi Yi…maybe u can request to have her to serve u? lolz…Its nice to acknowledge ppl who give good services cuz he/she would strive be better and 2nd, others could follow (hopefully)….This is my 2nd time acknowledging ppl who gives good services….MCD isn’t all that great with services….depends on outlet too….So I guess better luck on ur next pancake eat out! Btw, guacamole and the mexico double burger was yummilicious! Huge….absolutely enough for 2 people….

  4. mmm that looks delicious and i work in a pancake restaurant in sydney! do they serve dessert pancakes too? would you mind giving me the address? ima coming to malaysia in 2weeks!

  5. chocolatesuze – Where will you be? There are branches of Paddington Pancake in KL and Penang. The one I went to is in Queensbay, the latest shopping mall located near Bayan Lepas.

    Carmen – I am sure they have more branches. Do a little googling and you should be able to find their website, I think.

    Jian – Yeah, several of them are really efficient and know the menu well. But some…errmm…like that-like that oni.

    maR – Only in Penang lah, near the bridge. Once you get over from Penang, follow Bayan Lepas direction and you should see the sign.

    Agnes – I am not sure if they give discount in other outlet or not ‘cos when Jusco opened, I applied for a Jusco card and got coupons for that.

  6. You can try out the KL branches-1 Utama,i’ve been there for few times.Food and service quality is perfect,ambience is nice coz they’re located in Rainforest.So far the food that i’ve tried out,I like the Treasure Box most.It’s dollar pancakes with all sort of fruits,nuts and ice cream..Yum Yum…U guys should try it out!

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