Food photos from Secret Recipe

We were the only patrons at the restaurant and I happened to have my DSLR with me. So, here are some photos I took at Secret Recipe. No comment on the place because it has been featured so often, there is nothing new to say anymore.


Curried pumpkin soup. Must go learn and prepare some myself. Their curry flavour is too overpowering, my son said, “Hmmm…mommy, your soup smells like Maggi Mee hor?” Hehehe.


It is hard to resist these tiny burgers with alphabet fries. But each kid only finished one single burger. We have a few leftovers. More like a beef ball with a tiny bun.


The lasagna from Secret Recipe is one of the commendable one around here. Lots of chewy mozarella on top.


The problem with Secret Recipe chain of restaurants is their inconsistencies in foods taste. I had tasted some really good tomyam kung in Ipoh’s Secret Recipe. But this one falls short of the real thing. Not enough gallangal flavour, taste not balance, too spicy hot and sour and no coriander leaves. Tomyam MUST have coriander, both roots and leaves, ok?


My son had the chocolate fudge cake. Not sure how it tastes ‘cos I see those whipped cream and I feel full already. I had more photos over at my personal blog at I don’t fancy Secret Recipe but today is an exception because it was raining heavily and it is hard to go anywhere else for dinner. This is the branch from Jalan Burmah, Belleview Row. And they don’t give free water anymore. 😛

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    (January 22, 2007 - 9:16 am)

    In Secret Recipe I love eating the Vietnamese beef ball noodles and my son loves their shoba salad or something. Used to take them there for dinner when we were still in Malaysia and husband in Perth. So now we are in Perth, of courselah tak pernah pergi Secret Recipe anymore….

    Sheryl Lee

    (January 22, 2007 - 9:42 am)

    Lillian ahh….the location of Secret Recipe in Jalan Burmah is Bellisa Row lah, not Belleview Row hehehehe…….

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