Putu Buluh – from brown rice imported from India

I am not a fan of putu buluh or putu piring because they are so dry you can practically choke on them. But when I stopped to get some putu mayam for my kids, the Indian man told me that these putu buluhs are made from special rice imported from India.


Being curious, I bought two of them to try. Yeap, still as dry as expected. Putu buluh is made from ground rice, stuffed into bamboo tubes and steamed. Grated, fresh coconut flesh are stuffed inside them. As they have no taste, brown sugar and more grated coconut are served with putu buluh.


(copy of how putu buluh is made can be found here)

They put some raisins to make it tastier. I got these from the little stall by the roadside along Jalan Dato Keramat, where the Berjaya Times Square project is (putu mayam location here). Available from around 6 pm till at night. Business is very brisk and sometimes, people had to wait for a while to buy their putu mayam. (my old posts on putu mayam )

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  1. Nowadays susah nak cari putu bambu that use bamboo. Semua pakai aluminium tube.

    Actually I love putu mayam. But I don’t like it with grated coconut N brown sugar. Prefer to have it with curry instead. My father said that’s how it was originally served.

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