Getting my tomyam fix

I had a dismal bowl of tomyam goong from a restaurant the other day. It somehow makes me very frustrated of not getting a good, hot, steaming bowl of that Thai national dish. So, to make up for it, I go get myself some tiger prawns, tofu, oyster mushrooms, lots of coriander and the regular herbs needed to make a good pot of tomyam.


I got myself this and feel so good slurping down the soup and mushrooms. You can get the recipe for tomyam on this site as I have cooked it countless of times. But what makes this bowl difference from my previous batches of tomyam is the addition of coconut milk. I added several tablespoons of coconut milk to the soup to make it a smoother flavour. Learnt it from a Thai tomyam stall.


Remember to add some tofu to your tomyam. Buy those Japanese variety that is packed in this rectangle, hard plastic container. The tofu will soaked up the soup. All in all, the tomyam is really a healthy dish. Little oil, lots of natural herbs like gallangal, lime, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, coriander leaves, chillies…..Nice! Oh ya, remember to get your basic stock boiled properly.

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  1. A siamese friend taught me to add some milk to it before turning off fire. I guess it serves the same purpose like coconut milk, :P.

  2. Hi Lilian, your tom yum looks so good….I’m coming home to Msia end of May & will stop by Penang for a day. Could you please recommend any good restaurants/kopitiams/hawkers….Thanks

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