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You know what is lacking on online food related websites? Delicious, home cooked recipes. So, when PabloPabla got online with his cooking, I was like, WOW! A man, a father and a blogger who cooks! So, I had been bugging him to get his own domain because I know he can afford it. Hehehe. Plus he can write. And cooks.

Take for example, he makes the simplest and yet nicest ikan bilis (anchovies) snacks. I really admire that man. His wife is so lucky to get a hubby to cook for her. How nice!

So, if you haven’t heard of DeliciousAsianFood, it is time to bookmark his site now!

It is most important we keep those family recipes for our future generations. ‘Cos if we don’t take it from our parents and pass it on to our children and all the younger generation, then, the whole thing will disappear. These simple recipes are what make us uniquely Asian and Malaysian.

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  1. Hoi, terence – Dun run away. I chia you CKT! With extra prawns.

    Pablopabla – It is nice to be plug hor? I just got one angmoh did that for me. So stim oni. But serious, it is my pleasure to do this.

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