Pastas from Bakerzin, Queensbay Mall

Pasta is not what drawn me to Bakerzin. It is their display of desserts. But I am pretty impressed that they have some nice pasta on their menu. So, I shall share the pics of the pasta first before the desserts.


This is their seafood pasta. I didn’t order it because no one wants to share the portion (which is HUGE) with me. Moreover, the kid who loves pasta is allergic to prawns. So, I can only steal the photo from their counter. *drools*


Instead, I ordered this roast beef and pasta with pesto. The pesto is made with basils and sesame seeds. Not bad ‘cos the pesto sauce does not have those overpowering canned pesto sauce smell. I hate those! But this is probably freshly made.


Can you see the pinkish roast beef? Nice eh? Just right without overdone.


My son ordered this pink sauce penne with chicken ham. It is loaded with lots of ham and portion is also huge. The cost is only RM21, if I am not mistaken. The pink sauce is a creamy sauce with tomato and white wine.

Bakerzin is one restaurant before Paddington Pancake in QueensBay Mall. Sadly, the place is rather neglected as everyone heads to Paddington. If you give me a choice, I’d go for Bakerzin anytime. Love the attentive service, knowledgable waitresses plus the endless dessert. We had some tapas consisting of creme brulee. More about that later. You may also want to check out the escargots we had as appetiser at my other food blog.

What is worrying is I think these restaurants will not last long here in Penang. Queensbay is so empty, even on a pre-holiday night. There are sales going on yet no one throng the place. Give it another few months….

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  1. Yealo Yealo

    My friends from KL said how nice, how nice Bakerzin is but whenever i pass by in QB, talak customer mia…

    While TGIF hav half hour que outside…

    Why ah ??

    Looks like its goin to gulung tikar soon ler if they dun up, UP their publicity..

  2. I drag Lawrence to Queens Bay the other day just to drop by at Bakerzin for the cakes. Must admit the price is expensive but worth to pay for it coz they used quality stuff. Can’t remember the name of the cakes I bought but it was good. The one I buy for myself contain liquor. Wah lau!!! Really great but like you say, it is very sad that not many people know them there. My friends were telling me that if we go normal days, lagi teruk. Ta wu yeng wor…….. Hope they can stay on there

  3. Hmm… I think most of the passer-by saw the expensive cakes are put off by them. Not knowing that they serve good pastas. They need to spice up the promotion a lil bit to pull the crowds.

  4. I am a Bakerzin fan. When Bakerzin first opened in Kuala Lumpur, the response was pretty bad too till they devised some smart marketing plan like lunch set menus consists of a coffee selection, a pasta/sandwich/something i forgot and a combination of desserts. Lunch is quite full especially on Fridays. Bakerzin Singapore have blasting good business most of the time. Imagine paying so little for french style desserts. 🙂

  5. i received bad comment through mail for this restaurant… and i think lot of ppl received the same mail. no wonder not many ppl going…

  6. Oh I looooooooove Bakerzin! I used to eat there two or three times every week when I was still studying in KL! Their mushroom pasta (cream sauce – I forget the exact name) is so good, and so is their seafood, wrapped-up-in-banana-leaves one! Ohhh and the crayfish pasta with tomato sauce is GOOD 😀

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