Mee Sultan, New World Park, Swatow Lane, Penang

I went to the New World Park spanking new hawker centre for lunch today. If you want my real views, you may want to check out my review at Food Haven.

It is the much hyped about hawker centre but in my opinion, it is just another hawker centre. However, it is perfect for tourists and out-of-towners because of the variety of foods available under one roof.


I am going to feature only the Mee Sultan, which is an Indian Muslim noodles. I used to work in that area and I know very well that Mee Sultan was really, really good back then. Somehow, they have lost that touch lately and I just can’t figure out why. Maybe, it is because they no longer sell under hot, zinc roof and perching by the drain? Anyway, it is still a nice offering for Muslims.

Before I proceed, warning first : The stall and the pohpiah goreng stalls are located at one corner and they use disposable utensils. However, some of the hawker stalls serve pork. Anyway, since they use disposable utentils like chopsticks and plates, it is not a problem at all.


I ordered a plate of mee goreng with extra squid and a piece of prawn fritter meant for the pasembor. I found the mee not spicy enough, probably because they see that I am all fair and Chinese and hold their chillies?

If you want something better, it is safer you try out the Edgecumbe Road Mee Mamak along Gurney Drive which I had featured often. That hawker stall is located by the sea and only houses Muslim stalls.

But you can order something for dessert from New World Park. Ice-kacang and cendol. This stall is famous and they also have fresh cut fruits which go well with the dessert.


Heh, however, if you want a better ais-kacang, try the one opposite the New World Park. It is a small coffee shop and their ais kacang is better. But that place is not for Muslims, though.

Overall, nothing impressive from New World Park. And if you read my review at Food Haven, you will be wondering….

4 Replies to “Mee Sultan, New World Park, Swatow Lane, Penang”

  1. Mee Sultan is not the same as it used to be before. The money U pay isnt worth the taste U get. Becareful when U make your order. Mee biasa is rm 3.00 while any other additional things,like sotong etc U ask for,U gonna pay between rm 4.00 – 6.00 extra!!

    Go try mee goreng in Pulau Tikus,taste better & U gonna enjoy it.


  2. I think the ‘worst’ Mee Goreng Mamak (MGM) in Penang is still better than the ‘best’ MGM in KL. 8 years in KL and I still couldn’t find a decent MGM here in KL. What they offer here is Pseudo-MGM with carrot, cabbage, tomato, sawi N whatever they can dump into the wok. No cucoq, ubi, sotong or sometimes not even taukua.

    BTW my 4 favourite MGM (in no particular order) would be Edgecumbe ROad, Mee Sultan, Air Itam-Pg Hill roundabout & Pantai Jerejak.

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