Pure Indulgence – Desserts


Folks, I am pleased to announce that Cooking Island has their own website now and you can order all the cooking ingredients I used over here. They can ship all over Malaysia. Both Lawrence and Erina said they are currently very, very tied up and hence, I am making a simple announcement first. Their website is : http://cookingisland.net If you are in Penang, better hurry up and grab some of their Chinese New Year cookies. I will feature it on Monday (when traffic is higher). They are healthy, delicious, special and never tasted before varieties. The price? As reasonable as those you found by the roadside. Hurry, hurry, before they ran out of stock!



This is the menu. Pure Indulgence. Indeed.


Sweet pleasure. A chocolate heaven.


My double latte.


The desserts in small portion which they call tapas. Sort of like dim sum style, small, dainty and touches the heart. Tapas mean ‘covered’ in Spanish as in covered in the charge. You get free tapas when you order the main meals.


The creme brulee closed up.

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  1. OoOoHhHhHh…I love how they’re able to make the creamy froth on top of the latte look like a heart shape. I hope I’ll be good enough to make creamy froth hearts on coffees in the near future. For now, it’s just making sure that I make perfect coffees first. 😛

  2. You can do the heart shape on the froth by pouring from a small steel jugs. Pour in coffee/expresso first, then follow by frothy milk that you have heated from yr gas stove. It’s fun.. 🙂

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