Heh chien (prawn version of oh chien)

It was the most delightful discovery. I had eaten heh chien in Taiping before and always wondered why our local Penang hawkers never sell this.

Then, few nights ago, I got really hungry and was passing through Jalan Air Itam, where Boundary Road branched out and found this coffee shop. I am not sure of the name though.


This stall sells Heh Chien along with Oh Chien. Fantastic. It tastes better than the version I had in Taiping. It has some spices like coriander and maybe some tumeric. So, the flavour is just right.


I like the sambal that comes with the heh chien plus the kaffir lime. It is really, really good. The next time I have a chance to go again, I shall share the exact location, ok?

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  1. One of my friend emailed me your website and I have been hooked since. You are great! I enjoyed your site so much. You are funny, witty and provide your readers with simple easy to follow cooking directions and recipes, even a bad cook like me can follow without messing it up too much.
    Those mouth watering food photos are great and your website/blog has to be one of the best I have seen. Wonderful work and if you are ever in the USA and visiting San Francisco, Feel free to give me a buzz.

  2. What a coincidence! I stumbled into ur entry on Taiping heh chien 3 days ago and had been scouring the net for a good oh chien recipe. If you ever decide to DIY heh/oh chien, don’t forget to post it up yah!

  3. Can advice me how to get rid of the after effect of petai? I love this food but the smell is really disgusting for non-petai lovers.

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