Same time last year…

Same time last year, I was so excited about Chinese New Year. I baked and baked and baked. I cooked and cooked and cooked.

Several weeks ago, I had planned to make downloadable pdf files so that readers can actually print those outs in case they want to make Chinese New Year cookies. But unfortunately, I never find the mood to do it. Not that I am apologising but I just want to note down my current mood.

Looks like there isn’t going to be anything exciting coming out from here. No pics, no recipes, no cooking. But all you need is to use the Google search box on the sidebar and look for Chinese New Year. I am very sure you will find something to cheer you up.

My sons just got out from the hospital yesterday and I want to be doubly sure their operations is 100% ok before I proceed with anything. My plan to fly to KK has to be cancelled because we couldn’t get a room at all. Maybe we will drive to KL for a hideout (from the relatives).

So how’s everyone’s Chinese New Year?

4 Replies to “Same time last year…”

  1. he he he , we are going to Langkawi for hideouts…even stay at home , have to put the signboard “balik kampung” in front.. what we need now is a bed to sleep for many many hours…

  2. it’s always a hectic one for me – to ipoh, back to KL, then to Singapore. Rush here, rush there… glad to know that your boys are back home..

  3. We are local in KL & PJ, so we stay at home to enjoy the quiet neighbourhood. If you are coming to PJ, let’s meet up.
    No cooking, no baking for CNY.
    Still a long way to clean up the house coz I’m slow.
    Shopping list is shorter this year coz I’ll start work at home and ignore kay-po relatives. 🙂
    Husband said Never mind them, we will have good rest.

  4. Hi Lilian. Happy Chinese New Year. I have link your 2 blogs to mine. I am impressed with the pics and posts that you have contributed there. Are you a ‘original Penanglang’or migrated there. I am too. Do we know each another (cos like to eat..hehe.) Keong Hee Huat Chai, Lilian.

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