TGIF, Queensbay Mall, Penang

I had tried eating at TGIF in KL a few times but they were always too crowded for my liking so today is the first time I step foot into TGIF.


The Ultimate Mudslide : RM24.90++

Slurrrpppp…..Made of vodka, Bailey’s, Kahlua, icecream and some other things I can’t recall. It is of course, an alcoholic drink but they have the virgin’s version (minus the alchohol) which is only RM12.90++. I must say that it is very cheap because the glass is really HUGE. Worth every sen and I think I will go back often to TGIF just for the snacks and drinks.


Deep fried mushroom : RM10.90++

Another dish I love. Also worth the money because these are fresh button mushrooms fried with breaded batter and comes with a mayo dip.


Kids get to eat for free when the adult order a main meal. My son has the cheese grill. A huge portion again. The cost is RM6.50++ (but we had it free).


The cheese grill close up. Nice eh? The fries are good.


The so-so Jack Daniel’s Glazed Spare Ribs (RM45.90++). I found the sauce too sweet, the meat not flavourful enough but overall, no complaints. Can you believe they serve this portion for one person? I couldn’t even manage to finish two ribs and both my hubby and I had to struggle to finish just one plate. We had a lot of onion rings left over. Lucky we are smart enough to order only one main meal and one deep fried mushrooms.


Will I go again? Yes, real soon. Service is really good. ‘Cos it is my friend’s daughter serving us. Hehehe. I like the munchies and snacks plus those alcoholic drinks. But would appreciate recommendations from regulars.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Friday’s!!! The atmosphere, the service (except the branch in One Utama, which totally sucks), the food, the alkie drinkies… one of my fav dining places!

  2. We are very impressed by the pictures and comments in the blog. The pictures are as well taken and presented as those by chanlilian (wonder if the photographer is one and the same). We would like more comments on Hawkers food in Ipoh and KL, especially those of Penang (Hawker) migrants. We left Penang many years ago, but make fairly regular trips back home. But the usual Hawker haunts seem to disappear bit by bit, and if we do not go back for some time we find even the hawker centre has disappeared or relocated. One example is Embassy at Transfer Road, another is refered to in popular parlance as Agong’s Mee. Even Queen’s next to the Police headquarters along Penang Road has seen the hawkers scattered and the building pulled down; they used to have lovely Koay Teow Th’eng and Hae Chee, amongst others. Although Zealand along Gurney Drive is still there, many of the hawkers have relocated. Will be grateful if someone will comment on where they now are. Thanks.

  3. I think the problem with the 1U one is the layout, it means the servers can’t really see you (that, or they’re purposely trying to ignore you!). Having said that though, I always go to the 1U one just because it’s so close to home and on quiet days, with bottomless drinks, it’s perfect for sitting around and chatting with friends! 😀

    Btw, beware of the fajitas…they look and smell good, but that’s where it ends 🙂

  4. I like their french onion soup. A meal by itself. Yummy… Too bad Perth doesnt have TGIF. I used to go to the one in Subang Parade becoz I used to live there.

  5. There’s too many favourites to list! I love the fried mozarella, loaded potato skins, the nachos and salad selections are also quite nice and the chocolate brownie is to die for! Their portions are quite big, that’s why we usually order appetizers and the salads. As for the drinks, anything with vodka is fine with me!

  6. Used to frequent TGIF especially Section 14 near home for late makan. It has been 3 years coz kids takes up our late makan time.
    The mushroom serving has shrunk a lot. It used to be pile up and the sauce is not in the middle of the plate.
    If you are bring lots of hungry teenagers to KL/PJ, find Italiannies at One Utama and The Curve.

  7. Hi Lilian. What happen to yr kid? Is he/she Okay lioa. Just cannot resist to visit yr blogs once in a while. Are are a original Penanglang or migrated there? Keong Hee Huat Chye Lilian and Family. Do I Know you? Penanglang too

  8. Atcherly, If I go to chilli’s, san francisco or tgif, one main is enough for two persons. Dia kasi itu Mat Salleh serving size.

  9. Another secret that nobody working at chilli’s bangsar to me:


    4 parts dijon mustard + 1 part honey (mix well)

    adjust as desired.

  10. You know what’s cheaper arr? Ahahaha make it yourself!!! Use a good chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup and a blender, then add your “alcomohol” yourself, plus your kids can help, I’m sure they’ll enjoy squirting the syrup into glasses … I notice they didn’t top it off with whipped cream. Personally I prefer it with lots of that white stuff because it makes it look more lovely.

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