Food pics from Melaka

I have been awfully slow in updating this blog because I am on vegetarian diet since last week and it will last for 40 days. So, there is really nothing special to feature currently. So, let’s go back to Melaka where I went to the Portugese Settlement and see what they offer there.


The horseshoe crab that looks very unique. However, I don’t have the heart to get this creature killed and then, have the eggs removed and cooked into a meal for me. So, I give this a pass. Normally, they take the eggs and make a dish. There is nothing else to be eaten besides the eggs. Kinda cruel to kill baby horseshoe crabs, no? Hahaha, it is just my personal opinion.


Sometimes, I wonder. Do the real Portugese that are still living in Portugal eat that spicy foods? The fish above is really, really hot and spicy. I guess they have Malaysianised the Portugese cooking here.


More hot and spicy foods, the okra cooked in chillies. Kickass and makes you cry.


And another hot and spicy dish. I think this is the otak-otak, if I am not mistaken. My taste buds got too numb to remember.


Well, the crabs are not bad and on par with the ones I had in Penang. So, in all, the dinner treat from my brother-in-law was a rather good one. I am not sure how much it costs but I believe the price is much cheaper than Penang.

So, make a stop at the Portugese Settlement if you are in Melaka. My regular reader, Terence would be able to direct you to the right stall. Hehehe.

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  1. aiyoh dun lah make being a vegetarian like sei kai mutt yat (end of the world) like that hahaha. am sure with your skills and creativity, you can muster up some delish vegetarian dishes, plus feature some vegetarian places in penang

  2. Jamie featured vegetarian cooking on one of his shows once. I’m sure you can find some really yummylicious dishes from your collection of his books 😉

  3. Hi, Came here on Celestine’s recommendation. His blog is Book of John.

    Great blog. Keep it up.

    Just a note, I’m Portuguese Eurasian.My Family moved to KL many generations ago but we can trace our roots back to the settlement.

    Portuguese Eurasians don’t eat the foods of our ancestors from Portugal. The traders, merchants and sailors who came here, married the local women and the food took on a distinctly local slant. Hence the use of the spices and herbs.

    It’s almost Indian/Malay/Indo Chinese the way our food is prepared. Stews, lots of seafood, curry dishes. Steamed, baked.

    Heck, we weren’t called Geragok’s for nothing! 😉

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