A kid doesn’t lie (Oats brand and yoghurt)

So, I was having this bowl of yummy strawberry yoghurt with 0% fat, topped with muesli and covered with organic oats bran.


There are almond slices, raisins, crunchy stuffs and good for the heart oats bran. It is yummy, ok? This is call positive thinking. Low in fat, full of fibre, lots of vitamins and other goodness. If the health expert says it is good, it is good. So good. Very good…

And guess what? I mixed the whole thing in the bowl. The pic above is the before part. I had wanted to write this in a different blog, really.

So, the bowl was lying on the table when I went to the kitchen to fix myself a cup of coffee.

Along came my toddler and he screamed, “WHO VOMIT IN THE BOWL NEVER POUR AWAY?”

*speechless. *%$#@#! my physician for ordering me to lose 5KG*

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  1. ewwww….

    i lost weights by eating veg and rice (only…okay with some curry gravy and sometimes egg) with tons of cycling. Did this is campus and voila….I keep hearing ppl say woah u slimmer d ar? But the actual fact is, I already put on weight and trying to achieve the weight I had long time ago. So….gambateh!

    As for the so call ‘vomit’….ahem~…..Its nice lar wei!! But the one I had was rolled barli, rolled oats and tons of other dried berries. Usually put milk but decided to pour in yoghurt and it taste so much better than just plain milk. I ate that when I was at home but it doesn’t help me lose weight also. I suggest u cont ur veg diet and get ur butts moving….

    Its just difficult to lose weight in Penang. My aunt move to Penang from Shah Alam. Tho she goes to gym everyday, all I could see is her bulge of spare tires getting bigger and fleshier…..

    I hope she wont reach to the stage where her fats will be ‘sloshing’ not just ‘toing toing toing’….

  2. Oh my!

    It’s a funny story but la… it looks hardly like vomit.. it’s so yummy! I’m a big big fan of clustered granola with almond slices and raisins just looking at the picture makes me so hungry, more than char koay teow or anthing like that, even!

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