Recipe : Cha Soba (Japanese green tea noodle) stir fry

I had practically ran out of ideas on what to prepare for myself during breakfast and lunch. Normally, my children ate at different times (due to school finishing differently) and ate different foods. Their lunches range from rice to fried chicken to sandwiches to pasta or whatever they fancy. So, that leaves me to eat alone as I do not like eating what they eat.

Today, I was totally stumped and came up with this. It does look nice and taste good too. Good enough to get a post here. 😛


I bought the dried cha soba or Japanese Green Tea noodle from an organic shop. I love green tea so anything green tea is good for me. Then, I have a batch of mushrooms in the fridge and combine them together for a simple stir fry.

What I used :
One portion of cha soba, boil till soft, kept aside

Few pips of garlic chopped
1 tablespoon of olive oil
Enoki and baling mushroom (baling mushroom is fresh from China, huge and meaty type)

Seasoning – salt, white pepper, black pepper

Method :
Heat olive oil, stir fry garlic with mushroom, add seasoning and cha soba. You can’t find an easier method, right?


Eventhough the stir fried soba looks very plain, I am surprised that it is already flavourful because the green tea lends a flavour that blends with the mushroom. Certainly much healthier than a plate of Tai Lok Meen, isn’t it?

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  1. Auntie.. recently your posts have been really boring la.. got so many sponsored posts! I want to see more penang food! Please! Thanks

  2. I apologize for the lack of relevance to this post; but I couldn’t find your e-mail address to e-mail you directly.

    I chanced upon one of your entries from way back in 2005 about biskut piring wafer; I’m absolutely enamoured by this snack! That makes me curious about how it is made; do you have any recipe, or any idea how to make it? There is almost nothing on it online… :p

  3. spacemonkey – I think you need a machine to make that ‘cos it is really thin and unless you have the mould, you wouldn’t be able to get it that thin, you know?

    anon #2 – Show me where got sponsored posts here? I am not obliged to entertain you, you know?

    denies – The green tea fragrance is still there after stir frying, really nice.

  4. I really miss the “Malaysian talk lah”. I am officially an American now. Congratulations on your blog. Seeing the Malaysian dishes makes me want to buy an airline ticket to go back home. Actually, this green tea noodles look quite appetizing as well. We can get them here in the US. There is also the orange noodle (perhaps made with carrot juice).

    I saw a photo of a chang going across the banner at the top of your blog. Did you make that? I would love to learn that.

  5. Yummy yummy!!
    Makes me hungry.
    The “Ba-Ling” mushroom earns a nickname among my mother in law’s eldest sister. She call it “Pak-Ling-Ku” in Teochew.
    Whenever I hear or come across this, I keep smiling like a mad woman.

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