Lam Mee

I am surprised to find that the Lam Mee from Old Town Kpoitiam is actually quite good. Like I mentioned previously, it is not easy to find good Lam Mee around.


Look at the amount of sambal belacan that is supplied with the lam mee. It is usually the sambal that makes the lam mee tasty. So, I am not disappointed to get this plate with a huge blob of sambal. Eventhough I removed the chicken and prawns and fish cake, it is still tasty.


I have forgotten how much it costs but it is not that expensive. I believe Old Town is a pork-free outlet and there are Muslims staffs working there. So, check out the place if you wish to explore some nice Chinese foods.

The original Lam Mee is usually served with coriander leaves and I wish they have that as garnishing. But still, not bad, worth a try.

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6 thoughts on “Lam Mee

    Lawrence Cheah

    (March 31, 2007 - 11:12 am)

    Lam mee also my favourite lah… The one that i had before was at Macalister road. The stall name is Birthday Mee.. But nowadays a lot of stall add in MSG like nobody business. So , getting 100 plus soft drinks as backup of your thirst is a must ! ya, the lam mee at old town beh pai.. Quite good. But paying Rm 5.50 per plate for Lam Mee is expensive lah. I always order Ipoh Hor fun at oldtown because i find that it is hard to find this type of good quality level at Penang for Hor Fun or Koay teow th’ng …. Aik , i thought that you are on vege month ? beh tahan leh after you see their menu at oldtown ?….he he he he , you must try their White Milky tea..

    Lina F.

    (March 31, 2007 - 8:51 pm)

    Wow… that looks really yummy! Esp. the sambal–can’t take it anymore! A must-have item! Since there’s no such place like the Old Town kopitiam here, any recipe? Btw, great shots!


    (April 6, 2007 - 10:40 am)

    Sorry to say but old town sucks … go try lam mee at padang at night with lots of sambal.

    EvertonFC rules!!

    (April 11, 2007 - 2:42 pm)

    The best I tried so far is in Tanjung Bungah market….No doubt about it…I love the fatty pork slices sliced thinly & the sambal which is out of the world..The market has a makan area & you can find a Lam Mee store there in the morning…..They also sell at nite but only on Tuesday nite as it is Pasar Malam nite in Tanjung Bungah


    (April 13, 2007 - 1:50 pm)

    I love the Lam Mee at “a” penang food makan place at the Curve (“a” place being no free advert on other people’s site hor?). Apparently there is an Oldtown at the Curve also so I must try.

    BTW your Lam Mee reminds me of some noodles I just had last week I have had at Taman Tun (A Proprietor owned sort of fine dining restaurant) some noodles large type (really thick kind) the soup is like sharks fin soup with shrimp and crab but without the sharksfin. The proprietor told me that it is “poor man’s sharksfin” (“Got Meh??”).

    I had it- Loverly with the black vinegar and birds-eye chilli. At RM18-00 per bowl he might have just as well given me the real thing… but it was good… just expensive


    (April 13, 2007 - 1:57 pm)

    hmm since other people mentioned their place I might as well mention too.. at the Curve the place is “Little Penang Cafe”.. and at Taman Tun is a place which I just Lurrve -only the place costs like double or three times more is “Zuho”. but the seafood is reasonably fresh.

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