Check out Aunty Yochana’s pretty cakes

Agnes told me about this site and I had been going back ever since just to look at those pretty cakes. It is certainly very, very cute and pretty for cakes.

I marvel at the patience and skills Aunty Yochana possessed. I bet it takes lots of years of practice to get all the cakes into such beautiful pieces. As what I understand, she is from Singapore so most of us are not likely to get to sample her cake. But you can try out some of the recipes she gave on her site.

I don’t think I will try anytime soon because I have no patience when it comes to baking.

Let me steal a photo from her site to show you exactly how sweet her cakes are:

So, hop over to Aunty Yochana to drool. But don’t go with an empty stomach, ya? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Post Author: Lilian

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