Old ginger tastes hottest

Actually, this is an old sayings meaning the older the person, the sharper (hotter) they are. The other day, I bought this Bentong ginger which is much more expensive than the regular ginger because it is the really old, old ginger.


I stir fried sesame oil with shredded ginger with mock chicken meat. Then, I had one long session of burping and farting. LOL. The intensity of the heat really surprised me.

Actually, there are three types of gingers. One is the young ones which is less hot and suitable for garnishing and eaten raw. The other one is the regular ones which we normally use for stir frying or flavouring. Then, there are those labelled as old ginger. They are not often found in the market but you can find them from those old folks selling herbs. Normally the old ginger looks very wrinkled and dried.


If you like ginger, take a piece, peel off the skin, smash and make tea with it. Otherwise, boil it with brown sugar and pandan leaves with some sweet potatoes. They taste really great. Otherwise, you can head over to the mamak stall and ask for susu halia or teh halia. Many of these mamak stalls do make very mean ginger drinks by pounding the ginger to pieces.

For pregnant moms who suffer from bloating and nausea, try a mild ginger flavoured tea or boil with brown sugar.

For post-natal moms, make sure you get some of them in your food. However, do not take too much because it will be hard on your newborn’s tummy if you are breastfeeding. There is nothing like a hot bowl of sesame oil and ginger flavoured minced meat mee sua soup after delivering a baby.


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2 thoughts on “Old ginger tastes hottest

    Mrs Siddhu

    (April 2, 2007 - 2:09 pm)

    Hi, I have just found your Site, really enjoy reading it. Thanks for sharing so many cooking/home tips. Have also passed on your Blog to my daughter too. Btw, are u vegeterian now?
    Regards from Ipoh

    Cynthia J.

    (April 3, 2007 - 8:35 am)

    Ginger is good for post-natal, however, during pregnancy, mother to be should not consume too much ginger, because it can cause jaundice to the baby.

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