Theme Tuesday : Curry

I was just looking through my thousands of food photos on Flickr and notice how much variety of foods I have over there. Since I am a bit slow on blogging about foods these days (yay vegetarian fasting over by Sat. morning!), I shall make it Theme Tuesday. Every Tuesday, I will pick some old photos of the same theme and post them. But I doubt I am good in maintaining it for long. 😛


Curry : Vegetarian dhall. I cooked this myself, only once. I found that I can actually buy a rather good one from the frozen food section. The curry comes in this special plastic bag and you just plonked the curry in the plastic bag to heat. I didn’t though. I cut open and heat cos I hate the idea of eating plastics.

Bake  curried pumpkin

Bake curried pumpkin : One of those Jamie Oliver inspired days when I don’t mind testing new recipe. This is really nice but I am too lazy to find an ideal size pumpkin to cook it again.


Leg of lamb curry : I grind the spices myself and in the process burnt the grinder. 😛 I really need a spice grinder and not that fake ones that come as part of the blender attachment. Anyone knows any heavy duty spice grinder?

kari kapitan

Kapitan Kari : A dish I cooked to celebrate Merdeka last year. I wonder if anyone is going to hold a food carnival this year?

curry fish - kari ikan

Lastly, curry fish. So, there you have it, so many varieties of curries from my photo archives.

You can find the recipes here. Please use the Google search box, on the sidebar and type in curry and search. I believe there at lots of things you can discover this way.

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2 thoughts on “Theme Tuesday : Curry


    (April 11, 2007 - 6:02 pm)

    I suggest a good grinder for spices is the coffee blender. All chefs suggested it. Buy two, one for coffee and one for spices.


    (April 13, 2007 - 4:26 pm)

    Ah…. the Kapitan kari does remind me of last year merdeka open house. We do need a leader again for this year. hehe, who else but you!

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