Unique gifts – Full Bloom Tea

When I heard about this site, Full Bloom Tea calling for a review, I immediately grab the offer because I found the tea bloom so beautiful, unique and makes perfect gifts. It is not something that we see everyday. Mention tea and we probably think of brown leaves. Well, what I am going to share with you is actually something so pleasant and pretty looking it is almost heavenly.

I love the way they compose the Silver Needle White Tea leaves and mix them with other things like Globe Amaranth, Lilly, Osmanthus andJasmine to make it into a beautiful bouquet. According to the site, each can be steep three times in a teapot. I am very sure that these teas will be absolutely soothing for everyone. Imagine sitting down with a special someone sipping a pot of “Let Love Bloom”.

They have many different types and each of them have their unique names like Heavenly Bloom, Friendship Bloom, Joyful Bloom and other names. So, that will certainly make a wonderful gifts for friends, loved ones and even as corporate gifts.

Do you know that you can also get a free sample from them? Just pay $2 for the handling charges and they will mail you a free sample for testing.

Well, check out their sites to see how pretty these full bloom tea is.

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