Homemade breads anbd buns are so easy to do

With our hot weather all year round, baking bread is so easy. We only need basic stuffs to bake decent bread. What goes into bread are : bread flour, dried yeast, milk, bread improver (made of some wheat part, please google for it), a bit of flavour in the form of sugar and salt and fats which I am using butter. Previously, I used to use vegetable shortening but with the bad news on transfat, now I have substitute with butter. I had tried olive oil but the dough turned out too elastic.


I got the pre-mix Vege lover bread flour from Cooking Island (banner on the side) and followed the instructions. I was too lazy to dig out my machine and bread maker and use only my bare hands to knead the dough. Not bad, right? It rose nicely into a huge ball.

The flour is loaded with lots of green vege, onion, capsicum, tomatoes and other stuffs. I wrapped the dough around tiny cocktail sausages with cheese.


They turned out beautifully. And taste way better than any store bought ones.


Sorry no recipe cos they are pre-mixed bread flour.

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  1. I have to stop making bread here coz the weather has been getting a bit too chilly. Sometimes I will proof my dough infront of the heater just to get it to raise faster. If not sometimes it will take hours and hours.

  2. Again, this tham chiak girl is asking: When is the choir going to get the honor of tasting those lovely buns? 😀

  3. woooo yum…and it has onions, capsicum and tomatoes in the bread. Must be smelling uberlicious. Your kids are so bahagia lar…

  4. Wow! nice little sausage roll!! I use to make these with normal bread flour with dried yeast, butter and milk. Happy to know there is premix breadflour fr Cooking Island. Less measuring and mixing to do..Thanks Lilian.

  5. Cooking Island does have some neat stuff. Great idea on the little sausage buns. Will give that a go. Fantastic snack when the kids get the little hungries.

  6. Pablopabla – i think curry chicken must be very good lor. If Curry Chicken Devil lagi ump!!! With Lilian hands – apa apa pun boleh jadi good one………… 🙂

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