Theme Tuesday – Japanese

I know today is Thursday. LOL but I don’t want to missed the series on Theme Tuesday so I am catching up. Today’s theme is Japanese. Lately, I can’t seem to tolerate meats and get awfully sick digesting them. So, I am into Japanese foods. Mild, easy to digest and tasty. Expensive though.


A long tray of sashimi, sushi, unagi, tempura and lots more. All for only RM48++. Ate this at Sushi Kappo Miyasaka.


I especially like sashimi. The little local looking fish actually has some nice flesh. The chef season a bit of soy sauce and put a dollop of grated ginger so there is not ‘fishy’ smell.


This cold cha soba sits on a bed of ice cubes. The little quail egg is mixed with ginger, spring onion and soy and then, use as a dip for the cold soba. Lately, with all the bird flu scare, most Japanese restaurants don’t provide a raw egg. Cold soba without the smoothness of the raw egg is just isn’t right. (this soba is from Jurin)

chocolate and coffee biscuits

Does biscuits from Japan qualifies as Japanese foods too?

and little Japanese baby chocolates. This is very ideal for small children cos the milky chocolate nibble is really nice!


The weather here is wonky with extreme hot weather and suddenly rain. Coupled that with the durian season and I am terribly sick so no cooking for me. 😛

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  1. I was practically camping at the sashimi counter while at Equatorial Japanese Buffet- simply awsome

    where was this anyways ?

    beside the Maybank at pulau tikus ?

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