Theme Tuesday – Chocolate desserts

I went to Langkawi for a one day trip yesterday and had spent the whole of today napping. It is very tiring alright. But worth it. I will be sharing about the trip much later when I have got over the hangover from the rush trip.

It is Tuesday, yesterday. To keep up with the Theme Tuesday, I am going to feature chocolates because I bought a lot of them from Langkawi yesterday.


The above is the chocolate fondue from Haagen Dasz. Yum yum. It has been a while since we had it and must return soon. So far, this is the best chocolate fondue we had.

ben & jerry icecream

Another brand of icecream is Ben & Jerry. Got this tube from the Cold Storage. We don’t find this brand much so the moment they stock it, I definitely buy it.


Chocolate donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts. We don’t have Dunkin Donuts in Penang too.


Godiva chocolate truffles. Again, we don’t have it in Penang. And a good thing too ‘cos they are so expensive. I think it is RM120-RM140 per box. One mouthful is about RM8. I wonder when I will be rewarded with another box of Godiva?


A slice of chocolate cake from Bakerzin.

Glad I have a huge bar of Toblerone chocolate to satisfy my cravings for chocolate now. 😛 Have fun browsing through my Chocolate and Dessert Flickr photo album.

4 Replies to “Theme Tuesday – Chocolate desserts”

  1. This blog not counted. Blek!

    GODIVA???? There is always a box for me every month from that someone. Neuhaus also not too bad.

    Besides keeping the under-utilsed DSLR, I keep my chocolates in the same dry cabinet as well.

  2. Chocolate is my favourite too.
    Few years back when I was working in Hong Kong, I rewarded myself a piece of See’s Candy (also RM8 per piece) after 2 weeks of hard work. It’s rather old fashion, it’s taste imprinted on my tongue forever.
    Now back in Malaysia, I’m eyeing on Valhorna if I get the chance.

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