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There is nothing more fun than having a barbecue with friends on a breezy day or night. However, not everyone is born to be a barbecue expert and may not be able to master this method of cooking. All the great barbecue lovers will tell you about the importance of getting a good grill to start with. Next, you need to know which parts of the meats are best for grilling. The next important thing is of course the barbecue sauces to season the meats with. And finally, the type of wood or charcoal you used to start the fire.

Well, I found this site call World Famous Barbecue which will make sure you have a great cook out. It is the internet number one directory of all things Barbecue. You can find absolute everything you need to know about barbecue.

They have a section on local restaurants which serves barbecue. This way, you just need to get yourself over to enjoy a meal. Barbecue restaurants and grills from all around the US are listed states by states which will make your dining out much easier. So, if you are restaurant owner, you may want to get your links added to the World Famous Barbecue site.

However, I personally enjoy a barbecue which I can get my hands dirty, my hair smokey and all my friends drooling over the meats broiling over the ember. So, if you are also a DIY person, then, check out Barbecue Flavour where you can find the various brands of rubs, sauces, charcoal, chips and chunks and all that you need to make a decent barbecue. Do you know that how your meats turn out also depend on what you used to fire your barbecue? They have links some of the chips and chunks retailers on the site.

This site, World Class Barbecue is fairly new and they are accepting links. So, submit yours if you are in the barbecue business like barbecue catering, barbecue restaurants, barbecue supplies and anything related.

If I may suggest to the site administrator, do put the main category on the individual pages because I found that one needs to navigate to the home page to find the various main categories. And more photos of succulent meats grilling over red, hot embers will certainly stirs up a good appetite and get surfers to head out for the next available barbecue meal. Another suggestion is to put a few barbecue recipes because I know they normally attract good traffic from the internet.

Oh yes, one more thing to note. Normally British spells barbecue as barbeque. So, how about a few barbeque words added for SEO purpose? 😉

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  1. The last BBQ we had was at my mom’s home. My mom couldn’t wait, she took everything into her kitchen to stir fry. She’s super-impatient. :-[

  2. You can make barbecued ribs indoors by tea-smoking them (if you have an oven in your kitchen). The tricks to doing this correctly:
    Use a layer of lapsang souchong on a baking sheet, and arrange the ribs on a wire rack above that so they can smoke. Cover the whole thing in tinfoil to make a smoking tent.
    Freeze the ribs for 45 minutes before baking them
    heat some terra cotta tiles really hot, 260 degrees. When you put the pan of ribs and tea on the tiles, let it smoke for 30 minutes at that heat, then drop the temperature to 120 degrees and cook for another 90 minutes.

    I have actually done this recipe, and it is amazing. Great for winter weekends when you miss grilling outside.

  3. Hello,
    I am Elena Evans, a journalist, and I am currently working on a project called The World by Road. We will be driving around the world and creating a Television show for people back in the United States. Your blog seems to highlight Malaysian cooking. I was wondering if you had some recommendations for dishes to try or restaurants to go to while we are in Malaysia.
    Thank you for your time,

  4. i’m british born….and live in britain…my fiance is malaysian chinese and i love to read abt the good food in malaysia – thx
    anyway, we dont spell barbecue as barbeque; we spell it barbecue too

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