Kitchen tip : Getting through a week of home cooked meals

I used to work full time and managed preparing simple meals for the family. Of course, I didn’t pressure myself to be the perfect, superwoman who does everything like a Mrs. Incredible. However, with a little planning and once a week marketing, I can manage to survive several days cooking at home without running out of fresh ingredients to cook.

Anyway, I dislike wet markets because they are dirty, smell and wet. I only go when I am in an adventurous mood. Anyway, my youngest son couldn’t wake up early so we hardly go to wet markets. Usually, my husband, the early bird will be the one who goes to the wet markets to buy meats, chicken, fish and prawns. Then, we will store these in individual portions (for per meal) in the freezer.


Now, for vegetables, I can easily get them from nearby supermarkets and they are relative cheap and fresh too. Sometimes, I spend a bit and buy organic vege. However, we do not get that many varieties here and organic is still catching on.

The tip is to buy root vegetables and those that don’t spoil easily. Seen above are tomatoes, cabbage, chayote, lotus roots and potatoes. They can be stored in the fridge for several days. With a little bit of clever combination, I can use the cabbage for soup and stir fry. The potatoes and tomatoes (with carrots no included above) can be made into stew, soup and baked dishes.


Green leafy vegetables do not store well so I usually cook them within a day or two. So, towards the end of the week, we will be having less green leafy vegetables and more root vegetables. Still, it is home cooked meals.

Other vegetables that store well are yam, radish, fennel, cauliflower, french beans and various types of mushroom. So you see, there is never a shortage of fresh ingredients to prepare if you plan your marketing well. I normally store these vegetables in the section for vegetables and do not have problem with rotting vege. Hahaha, anyway, they are pretty cheap so chuck them away if they are no longer fresh.

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  1. Ya, this is a good idea. I used to do that last time when I when I were working. I dislike going to wet market too because of the smell and it’s dirty but at times, I enjoy it too. Go there and kepo – update myself sikit what is going on. Hahaha……… anyway, till now most of my things I buy them from supermarket or the 1st stall that sell veges at Pulau Tikus Market. I don’t go inside one.

  2. Thanks for this useful blog article. I prefer the wet market. Whenever I go out of town to work I would wake up early to visit the local wet market.
    Idea of buying root vege to keep is great. Thanks a lot. Now I know the english name Chayote for my husband’s dunno-wat-kua. How do you cook Chayote?

  3. Wow..!! your lotus roots look so nice one..!! when i get them here.. which is not often.. they look like “kanna sai” ..!!

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